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military coup in bolivia?
30 May 2005 17:43:00

rumors of a coup continue but for now nothing has developed -- two junior officers were on television talking about calling on the rank and file soldiers to join the mobilizations and take over the government -- it is unclear if this would be a progressive or deceptive move but the junior officers involved have been relieved of duty by their commanders -- the uprising in bolivia right now is complex and widespread and how it unfolds over the coming week will determine the future of the region for decades to come -- the mas political party is only one part of the huge mobilization happening right now -- there is excellent reporting on from the social movements themselves -- also great reporting for those less informed about the background and with less spanish language skills on -- if you know anyone near the region they need international observers -- i have contacts with indymedia bolivia if you are going there or desire interviews or more information

'In sum, we are an army of dreamers, and therefore invincible. How can we fail to win, with this imagination overturning everything. Or rather, we do not deserve to lose.'
- Subcomandante Marcos

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