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Action at ING Amsterdam Monday 16th

Thu, 12 Sep 2002

Hi everyone:

Next monday September 16th  we will be demonstrating at the opening of the
new headquarters of ING (Bank/group). The new building, just outside
Amsterdam (see:, with a live webcam on the building) will
be inaugurated at 2 pm by prince Willem Alexander, in the company of all the
CEO's of ING (and many other corporate and political leaders). We will be
welcoming the guests from 1 pm onwards (with banners, leaflets etc.) and
will try to join the inauguration at 2 pm.

The reason to do this, is the role ING plays in the privatisation of water in
Cochabamba, Bolivia. ING provides the services and construction for the US
multinational Bechtel to pretend their part in the privatised Cochabamba
water-enterprise is based in the Netherlands. Since the inhabitants of
Cochabamba resisted the privatisation and threw the company out, Bechtel
is demanding USD 25 million indemnification from Bolivia (note that their
direct investment amounted only USD 7 million at the most). The letterbox-
construction-services of ING is crucial in claiming the indemnification.

Last week we had a meeting with the directors of ING-Trust (the department
for letterbox-constructions of ING) and a representant of the Coordinadora
from Cochabamba (the umbrella of organisations protesting the privatisation).
(Pictures of the event to be found at: ING-trust made very clear that they
did not want to do anything to solve the problem. So we told them in that
case we will continue our actions to demand justice. We also warned there is
an international campaign of solidarity with Cochabamba and that ING will be
part of it.

Our demand is quite simple: ING should cut its ties with International Water
Holding (IWH), the holding containing the possession of Bechtel and
Montedison in Aguas del Tunari, the privatised Cochabamba water-enterprise)

To make our point clear next Monday, the more people to be present, the
better . So we hope you will join us, in that case you can find us at the cross-
section of the Amstelveense Weg and the street to the entrance to the
building (at the exit of A10- highway). From there different groups will choose
other strategic locations to get our message through (the entire building is
one big window!).

For more information: A more extensive call up in Dutch can be found on our
website:  and on the Dutch
Indymedia-site (

And we made a special website about the whole Cochabamba- affair and the
Dutch connection (most of it is in English):

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