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Bolivia: Blockades Lifted - Agreement Reached

APRIL 3, 2001

BLOCKADES LIFTED - Agreement Reached
Prepared by the Andean Information Network

In light of the agreement made by CSUTCB leader Felipe Quispe (El  Mallku)
Monday, April 30th to suspend the initiation of national blockades for 30
days, COMUNAL has signed an 'Act of Understanding' with the
government agreeing to suspend their blockades until the 21st of the month
so that negotiations may take place under a situation of good faith. In
response the government has agreed to withdraw security forces that have
been monitoring national highways.

The central issues that are to be addressed include; Anti drug law 1008,
Structural Adjustment Law 21060 imposed in 1985, current capitalization
policies, the INRA law (which regards land tenure), and national water and
forestry laws.

In addition to the withdrawal of security officials from major highways, and
a temporary lift on blockades, the agreement also allowed for the
establishment and implementation of seven investigative commissions:

-       the Commission for the Evaluation of Agreements  responsible for
evaluating the fulfillment of contracts and agreements between the
Cochabamba department federations and the Government;

-       the Social Issues Commission  responsible for the investigation of
accusations and doubts regarding the municipal potable water and sewage
system services of Cochabamba, issues with respects to state funded worker
and senior citizen pensions, as well the investigation of aid distribution
to victims of natural disasters;

-       the State Issues Commission  responsible for reevaluating anti drug
law 1008, the land tenure law (INRA), and the legal elements of the water
and forestry issue;

-       the Financial Issues Commission  responsible for assessing small
loans, adjustment of pension laws;

-       the Structural Issues Commission  responsible for the analysis of
capitalization reforms and structural adjustment law 21060;

-       and lastly, a commission assigned to the investigation of
miscellaneous issues addressed in petitions presented by various social

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