Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002

Dear Friends,

Please accept my sincere best wishes for year 2002 to all of PGA-Asia members.

Another election to the parliament in Sri Lanka has been concluded and a new government has now been formed. The elections turned out to be a mini civil war. The country witnessed a period of terror and violence from the time of the election campaign started in November. There were for instance brutal killing of around 50 innocent persons and well over 2500 acts of violence in less than a month and a half. This is due to the militarized situation that prevails in Sri Lanka.

The election campaign of the UNP that won the elections was centred round peace and negotiations with the LTTE. On the other hand the PA the party that was in power and several others appealed to the racial sentiments in people during the elections to capture votes.

In the context of violence we could not organize any activity regarding the WTO meeting in Doha. Our first meeting immediately after the elections on the WTO and Globalisation was well attended.

The following points were discussed.

The second meeting on Saturday the 5th January and agreed on the following points.

The actions to be carried out during next few months are as follows.

I hope MONLAR will gradually and step by step will revive its energies to realize the above stated objectives.

Sarath Iddamalgoda.

Sri Lanka

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