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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002
Korean students occupy American Chamber of Commerce in Seoul, South Korea

Around thirty student from Hanchongryon (Federation of Korean University Student Association) briefly gained control of a local symbol of U.S. economic hegemony to protest Bush's visit.

The Students are now arrested by the police in American Chamber of Commerce (Photo Copyleft Jinbonet)

PatchA, BASE21 staff reporter

February 18th, 2002 — The American Chamber of Commerce in downtown Seoul was briefly occupied on Monday afternoon by appoximately thirty students. They belong to Hanchongryon and are protesting against a range of military and economic issues associated with Bush's visit to South Korea.

They barricaded themselves in the office on the 45th floor of the World Trade Tower in Seoul for about four hours before being arrested by a huge army of riot poice. They smashed windows and in its place attached a large placard written, "No war! No Bush!"

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