Que se Vayan Todos

December 20th/21st 2002

A Global Day of Social Disobedience for Argentina to celebrate Creative Alternatives to the Dictatorship of the Markets.

Groups in Argentina and across the globe are calling for a global day of Action to demonstrate that those who are building alternatives to the dictatorship of the markets are not alone.

On the 20th of December, a day when tens of thousands will take to the streets of Argentina to celebrate the first anniversary of last years uprising, actions and events will take place across the world in solidarity with the people of Argentina.

The day will demonstrate that the movement of movements against capitalism can move beyond insurrection towards a real social revolution. A social revolution, made of thousands of revolutions, where people are beginning to build the life that they want and preparing to defend it rather than simply protesting against what they don't want. And that Argentina is an inspiring model of this.

What can you do on the day ? Here are some ideas ...Take pots and pans into the streets to celebrate the sound of the Cacerolazo, start up a local neighbourhood assembly, visit your local banks who have branches in Argentina, Blockade roads in solidarity with the Piqueteros, occupy your work place or college and try out self management, subvert the spirit of consumer Christmas by creating a barter market ....the options are endless...

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