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The AIE reports from THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANARCHISM NO 6 (31), updated 26.01.2002, about the situation in Argentina.


International Journal of Anarchism

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Bulletin of the Anarchist International


20.12.2001: Some of the international newsmedia have called the present riots and ochlarchical situation in Argentina "anarchy", or close to "anarchy". This polyarchical, chaotic situation has however more than 67% authoritarian degree on the Economical Political Map, and thus far from anarchy, i.e. less than 50% authoritarian degree. The International Anarchist Tribunal reacts immediately to this authoritarian mix of anarchy and chaos. Anyone who calls this chaotic situation "anarchy" may receive a Brown Card from the tribunal. A chaotic mix of polyarchy, ochlarchy and plutarchy, rivaling "states within the state" have nothing to do with anarchy or anarchism.

Furthermore the Anarchist Federation of Argentina, "Federatión Libertaria Argentina", so far plays no important role at all in the situation. It will however certainly contribute to real anarchy, i.e. real order, and a libertarian development, as far as it has resources. The F.L.A.and F.O.R.A., the workers' federation, has full solidaric support from the AI-IFA-IAF and the Anarchy of Norway in this work. Down with the corrupt bureaucracy, economical and political/administrative, in private and public sector in Argentina! Towards a libertarian economical and political/administrative development! 22.12.2001: The Argentinian Congress will elect an interim president, Mr R. Saa.

The anarchists say a ca 25% general demand hike is necessary as soon as possible. Mr Rodriguez Saa's proposals so far are neither necessary nor sufficient to solve the problems. He seems to be a "neo-mercantilist", a policy that will not do Argentina any good in the present situation. F.O.R.A. has got new adress. Mr. Rodriguez Saa is still far out and very authoritarian; the anarchists have some more advice. The economic chaos continues and protesters, waving the national flag, protests. The new interim government offers to resign. The anarchists are warning R. Saa about printing too much of the new money "argentino". Report from F.O.R.A. in Spanish. Anarchists say R. Saa seems to have no real plan for solutions, just more chaotic populist/fascist neo-mercantilism. 31.12.2001: R. Saa resignes. 01.01.2002: New riots initiated by leftists, and Eduardo Duhalde, another "Menemist", is elected to president. When will these corrupt "mercantilists" ever learn.

02-4.01.2002: The peso will be devaluated. BBC has got a brown card from IAT. The anarchists say the expected ca 30% devaluation of the peso is not enough. About 70% is more realistic. Furthermore the prices have hiked 40% at some goods already. A ca 50% price hike means that total demand must increase about 75% to do away with most of the unemployment in the present situation. 07-08.01.2002 Mr. Duhalde's measures are not at all sufficient to deal with the problems. Anarchists criticize it, stick to their economical advice, and recommend a broad based democratic assembley with mandate to take majority decisions. Worried savers and 'home-made crisis'. Inflation fears, unemployment hike? Anarchists have further comments and advice. A mob protests against Duhalde's policy, and say they are "tired of being treated like dirt". F.L.A reminds about the fight for a less authoritarian society is not new in Argentina, in Spanish.

10-12.01.2002: New mass protests and devaluation of the peso, floating down to 1,7 peso per US $. More riots and ochlarchy. 12-16.01.2002 Trade unions, policy and actions, i.e. general strikes etc. Duhalde calls the chaos "anarchy", calls for an "arch", i.e. strong rule, and gets a Brown Card. Labor federations with anarchist banners are marching in the streets. 17-19.01.2002 The peso is so far devaluated about 50%. New chief of the federal reserve is appointed. Duhalde says he is sitting on "a ticking bomb". Anarchists have more advice. People are still marching in the streets. 20-22.01.2002 Duhalde declares bank savings will be converted to peso at the official rate 1,4 peso per US $, and large demonstrations occured. Protesters call it looting av of their future. 23-26.01.2002 More protests, and Duhalde organizes more police against the demonstrations. Later the police in Buenos Aires fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters in the streets.

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