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Massive Protests Against Bush's Latin America Visits

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Bush Arrives to Protests in Sao Paulo; Uruguay Gets Ready
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Tatiana Cardeal was more prepared with her lens than São Paulo's Military Police Force was for the protests against US President George Bush's visit.
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São Paulo's Military Police Force yesterday, who decide to explode gas bombs in a crowd of almost 10.000 people at the World March of Women and anti Bush protest, causing panic and hurting people, because a few "punks" and protesters, not more than 15 young, tryied to close the avenue lying down in front of some cars and provoking disturbs.

Lots and lots of blog posts on Bush's visit to Latin America. Colin Brayton provides some useful translations
from local bloggers and Indymedia. Erwin Cifuentes has compiled a list of various links in "Dubya south of the border - U.S. prez arrives in Brazil to start tour
Journalism professor Marc Cooper puts down some of his typically polished commentary
( .
Leftside rattles off with some lightly less-polished analysis
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including an incredible photograph of a slum in front of the Hilton hotel where U.S. President Bush is now staying. Made in Brazil takes a break from bikinis to mention the arrest of 25-year-old model Janaína Bueno who, according to Brazzil Mag
( ,
"ended up being charged with indecent exposure after a suspicious policeman ordered her to show what was under the big green-yellow flag and found very little." We can also be sure that Jose Murilo Junior's weekly batch of translations from Portuguese-speaking bloggers tomorrow will include first-hand accounts and analysis of the protests and the outcome of Bush's visit. We can also be sure that Uruguayan police are working overtime
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3/10: Uruguay Bush Protests Just Keep Growing
Montevideo, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) A few hours before the arrival of US President George W. Bush in Uruguay, more people from unions and social organizations are expressing their intention to join the demonstrations against the visitor.
Guatemalan Mayas Will Purify After Bush
Protests to Shake Montevideo
Bush Protests Close Colombia Colleges
Local media headlined the expected large scale protests, quoting last minute remarks by important figures of the governing Broad Front alliance.Minister of Cattle Breeding, Agriculture and Fishing Jose Mujica said that if he were not in the post, he would take part in the demonstrations, according to El Pais daily..

Meanwhile, Broad Front Sen. Enrique Rubio announced he will join the march of the National Workers Convention through the streets of Montevideo, scheduled for 6 PM Saturday, the time of arrival of the US president.

The National Medical Union (SMN) is among the unions and organizations joining the protests because, its note said, "We strongly denounce and reject his pro-war policy, which is detrimental to human rights and in flagrant violation of UN resolutions."

3/9: Argentina Grassroots Protest Bush Latam Visit Protest Latam Visit
Buenos Aires, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) Argentinean grassroots organizations support Friday Brazil and Uruguay peoples' repudiation of US President George W. Bush's tour of Latin American countries.

"We support protests carried out by brother peoples from Brazil and Uruguay as part of social transformation processes in our continent and the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Argentina", indicates the release.

The text states that the arrival to Latin American soil of the US president, responsible for the terrorist war in the Middle East and the larger problems of starvation and destruction in that devastated continent, will be repudiated with protests in Brazil and Uruguay.

Organizations like "Casa de la Memoria," "Cimientos", "Colectivo de Cultura and Accion Popular Libres del Sur", "Convergencia", "Corriente de Izquierda Socialista" and the Jose Marti Front stand together in their anti-Bush posture.

According to signers, his tour is to "seal bilateral accords separately with different Latin American countries to recover lost influence after the neoliberal crisis in the continent".

Parallel to Bush's tour of Latin America is Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez' visit to Argentina.

3/9: Bush Tour Seeks to Drive a Wedge in Plans for Latin American Unity

3/7: Bush Trip Destined to Fail as Hardliner John Negroponte Takes Control of Latin American Policy

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