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Mayday Pakistan

Date. 4-5-2000

m2k pakistanVery Dear Partner and friends

In Pakistan Govt. has cancelled the holiday of May day.
In Pakistan many organizations had organized many event and demonstration all over the country, but the govt has finished their all plan through police force and army.

This was the first may the Govt. had not given permission to the labor for demonstration for their rights.

Police has arrested many labor leaders and workers. Even they had arrested hotel and place owners where they had organized the public meetings and demonstrations.

Our organization had also organized Ten big meetings on May Day. After these meetings there were a plan for a big rally but the forces had attack on these meetings and get control on these places.

Now the people, organizations, groups are realising that this Govt. is also same like past Marshal. Army was getting control now they are feeling that they are now in full power and not giving permission to the people for their rights of freedom.

Our organization is collecting media coverage about police control after one or two days we will send these all photos to our friends than they can see what was the condition at May day in Pakistan.

Now people are thinking for their rights and making organization and networking between the groups and organization for future struggle.

Our organization is also planning for a CARAVAN in July and Aug.

This is situation in our country under army controle.


m2k pakistan

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