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US, Mayday in Olympia Wa.

This is a short and brief account. Oly. the state capital has a population of around 70,000. Our Mayday Action Committee prepared for weeks for the street party/reclaim the streets. Around 750 people led by Critical Mass bicyclists led the way to the secret location. Police presence was the heaviest I have ever seen here. THey had special operation command and control stations, national guard on standby etc. Eventually we blocked off the busiest intersection in town at Black Lake. There it is surrounded 100% by corporate strip malls. Once blocked the police closed off traffic on the four roads leading to the intersection. That area always stinks of car exhaust so it was wonderful to have it cleared. There were many games, music and children there. To me one of the great things was the presence of so many youth in addition youth of color. Usually the traditional march and picket protests in the past are led by professional activists or intellectuals. On this day the youth were free and the people spontaneously led themselves. THe police and riot squadas were watching closely that we didn't destroy property. THe young ones did build a barricade of old tv's after smashing them and tearing apart piece by piece an american flag. The property situation didn't present itself in this encounter but there will be other times ahead....

Tsivya Lubetkin

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