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Day of Action June 18th
Vienna / Austria

In Vienna we do not organize a street-action or similar things ...


with Douglas Dumanon, Member of the Executive Committee Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement, KMU)

As well known South Asian countries like the Philippines were driven in a deep social crisis one year ago by the national AND international capital which pressed these countries in former years in profit-businesses with high rendites in Super-loans, overvalued real estates etc. and created in real or artificial recessions once more Super-profits out of the currency speculation.

A newly tremendous impoverishment included the working class and poor population. National Trade Union policy becomes more and more helpless! So we will meet with Douglas Dumanon, member of the Philippines Trade Union KMU, which is integrated in an Asian militant Trade Union -network. We militant European Trade Unionists are very interested in firm contacts to Asian Trade Unions to strenghten a militant European and Asian Trade Union-network against the capitalist globalisation!

Karl Fischbacher
Member of the Independent Trade Unionists within the Austrian Trade Union Federation (UG/OeGB)

Vienna, 17.6.99

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