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18j in Valencia report

Around 400 people march in a mobile carnival and cut during 2 hours the avenue where the most important banks are located forcing the diversion of the 27 different buses that normally pass through. Music, theatre, games, picnic- Before that, 2 "critical mass" whith around 20 people each ride through several neighbourhoods affected by projects of soil speculation, causing some traffic collapses.
Valencia like other cities all over the world suffers the effects of the free market economy. An obvious consequence is the problem of the soil speculation: Big avenues destroy historical neighbourhoods, urban development projects and the seaport enlargement smash enormous extensions of fertile cultivated land- In other words a model of city that promotes competitiveness, isolation, productivity, stress - is imposed upon us. At the same time it makes dissapear all cultural and historical roots from the people.

In Valencia the international proposal is known a few months before "June18th". People started thinking about the activities for the day:

During all the time that the party was on the atmosphere was relaxed, whith people having good fun and loads of participation. There wasn't any incident with police.

The comercial press and all other mass media haven't reflected anything at all about this day. For them nothing happened on J18th in Valencia. Only in Radio Klara people were able to hear something about what happened.

End of report.

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