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J18 Melbourne

Its saturday morning here in Melbourne.
We had a good day.Highlights at
Starting with Ring the Bells Jubilee2000 protest at the steps of parliament. Five minutes of noise to wake up the world to the problems of Third world Debt then on to Flinders Street the main city railway station to great Critical Mass and have a Food not Bombs breakfast and an attempt to block the main intersection.

Other events included a blockade outside the stock exchange with dead wombats shocking a lot of passers by, the a walk through the city visiting Wetpac banks, McDonalds, Nike stores, Casino, Herald and Weekly Times and other corporate targets, with some marchers outmanouvering the police to gain entry.

Some street theatre and banner unfurling and a protest at Shell headquarters which included the 'pieing' of Kim Beazley.
Chris Rust
A Slice of Stale Pizza

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