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June 18th in Lisbon, Portugal


I'm writing to give the summary of our J18 action in Lisbon, Portugal.

We were not too much (we are mostly students and everyone's having exams), so we focused on getting people in Portugal to know the problems which underlie beneath the globalisation and neoliberalist policies. We went to the street with posters hanging on us on the front and back, with images and sayings like "Mother, you've been consumed" (and the image below was an earth with a bar code) and other anti-globalistaion, anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism posters. We also had flyers focusing on the effects of globalisation and capitalism in our world, an issue that isn't know by most people in Portugal (only know people are "seeing" the first problems of globalisation) - we linked the globalisation and capitalism to the root of environmental destruction and social inequality.

We also went inside Macdonalds hanging the posters and gave the flyers to people who were on the row to buy Macdonalds food (yuck!). This Macdonalds also has tables in the outside, in the middle of a car-free street, so we gave the flyers to everyone sitting there. And of course, we were always carrying our hanging posters.

There was also another group doing some more direct actions, but the only thing I know they did was simulating a demolition of a bank, by pushing a guy with a helmet against the door of a bank.

Environmental greetings and may the resistance continue to grow!

Gualter Barbas Baptista
GAIA - Grupo Académico de Intervenção Ambiental

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