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J18 in Greece

Hey everyone, I'm back from Greece!!! It was beautiful. I actually managed to get myself to Athens for the June 18th demo. There were about 2-300 anarchos taking over the streets and making lots of noise. They ended up burning some palates and things, but it didn't get too out of control as far as I could tell. The police were serious though: they brought out two riot buses with the thick screens on the windows. They had all the gear on, but I don't think they had to use it. We saw some signs of people having tried to set up barricades, but nothing else. They shut down several blocks though, and pissed off a lot of drivers. Speaking of that, I will be biking to soccer tonight from Rockville (7:00 at Fort Reno, right?). I hope the bands tonight are good. See ya there!!


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