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J18 in Geneva, Switzerland

At midday some 50 people washed main banks in the center of the city, like UBS, etc, with ladders, brooms, packing-cloths, much water, soap, lather, acompanied by drums. Very good reaction from the public, also from the bank employees. Disproportionate police device remained invisible.

In the evening, some 100 people made a mobile Carnival in the city, blocking the streets, painting them, dancing, serving black-current sirup to the unfortunate car-drivers with a leaflet : "use this unexpected small stop to dream just a little bit, about a city where you would be happy not to own a car, a five minutes far city..."

Two small actions, but with best energy and joy. We plan to do such actions more often than once a year, maybe once a month, with various styles and aims, and an escalation. Direct action should be more trained, regularity is a powerfull way of developping a new space of initiative, making clear that we definitively want an other life and smash away capitalism and all its priests. An international last Friday of each month ? There are so much different targets in that omnipresent money ruled world, a good challenge for our fantasy. Contact:

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