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J18 action in calgary

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

At 12 pm, about 30 local activists converged on Shell Canada headquarters in downtown Calgary. We handed out a couple of hundred handbills describing what Shell has done in Nigeria (environmental destruction, paying the military, alledgedly bribing people to testify against Ken Saro-Wiwa who was executed by the Nigerian regime on November 10, 1995. Two large banners were unfurled to let passing motorists know what we were there for. One said "people before profits", the other: "boycott Shell, end corporate rule". The foyer in front of the entrance to Shell was decorated with creative slogans and symbols with the aid of sidewalk chalk. We had several bullhorns and explained that this demonstration was against the exploitation of Shell, in solidarity with the people of Nigeria, who were at that very minute, also holding a demonstration at Shell in Nigeria. After we had been there for a half hour we went to the head office of Chevron Canada which is (conviently for us), only a block away from Shell's. A few of us continued to spread the word of the destructiveness of corporate rule, and the capitalist system that encourages and facilitates the corporations. Chevron also operates in Nigeria, and also admits to aiding the military in quelling protests against the oil exploiters. More chalking and noise making ensued, and the remaining handbills were handed out. Before we left, we promised that this small demonstration would not be the last, and that as long as corporations and indeed, capitalism exists, then we will be there to fight against social and ecological injustice, in solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere.

tak dirks
calgary june 18 coalition

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