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Genova Meeting Notes

Brief Notes From the Group of People Associated With the PGA Who Met in Genova, 7/14-7/15

People decide that because we are a small group, we are not a decision-making body, but that we can still discuss issues and make proposals related to the PGA process.

Agenda for the two-day meeting:

  1. Agenda for Cochabamba
  2. Selection of Participants for Cochabamba
  3. Report-Back from the Working Group on Colombia
  4. Report-Back on Everything that has Happened in Europe Since the Milan Meeting
  5. Report-Back from Scandinavia
  6. Qatar
  7. How to make PGA More Visible
  8. Criminalization

Note: In practice, we end up discussing the points in a different order than presented above. Moreover, some points are discussed, others are not, and new points are added along the way.

I. Discussion of proposal for MRG and Euro-Disney to serve as the two European Co-Convenors for PGA next year

II. From Milan Until Now

III. Agenda for Cochabamba

  1. Three Days of "self-managed" roundtable discussions- September 16- 18, 2001.
  2. Three Days of "official" PGA Meetings- September 19-21, 2001.
  3. Day of Direct Action- September 22, 2001.

Day 1 (September 19):

Morning- march

16:00- Welcome Plenary

17:00 to 19:00- Working Groups on Action Strategies Within the Space of PGA

Themes that been suggested so far:

Day 2 (September 20):

9:00 to 11:00- Report-back Session from Working Group Strategy Discussions

11:00 to 12:00- Report-back Session from Roundtable Discussions (from the three days prior to the meeting) Regarding Strategies and Proposals

Afternoon- Plenary about Global Days of Action and Sustained Resistance

Evening- Report-back Session from Roundtable Discussions Regarding Organizational Principles

Day 3 (September 21):

Morning- Working Groups on Organizational Principles

Lunch and Discussion of Manifesto

Afternoon- Plenary About the PGA Manifesto

September 22:

Visit to Chapare (leave 6 AM)

IV. Improvised Thematic Discussion on Anti-Capitalism,

Alternatives and Forms of Action within PGA

V. Very brief discussion of the Cochabamba delegate selection process.

It is pointed out that the organizers of the conference in Bolivia are now saying that more "observers" will be encouraged to attend in order to ensure sufficient international presence for the day of action.

VI. Report-Back from Working Group on Colombia

VII. Criminalization

Brainstorm about important issues and themes related to criminalization:

VIII. Meeting concludes by approving a list of concrete proposals made as a "group of people who met in Genova following the call of Ya Basta for a European-wide PGA meeting, but which does not represent the PGA":

  1. We support the proposal that Euro-Disney and MRG take on the role of PGA co-convenors in Europe next year.
  2. We support the general framework laid out for the PGA meeting agenda in Cochabamba.
  3. We propose that the following points be discussed at the PGA meeting in Cochabamba within the general framework of the meeting as outlined:
    1. criminalization,
    2. relation of grassroots movements to more formal NGOs,
    3. anti-globalization vs. anti-capitalism,
    4. concrete alternatives,
    5. forms of action (Global Days of Action vs. Ongoing Resistance),
    6. how to integrate local/global organizing and reach out to more grassroots groups.
  4. We support the initiative from the PGA meeting in North America to include a clear rejection of capitalism and all forms of oppression in the PGA hallmarks, and propose to merge the first two hallmarks.
  5. We call on the MRG to take the lead in initiating a two-phase European-wide consultation process, starting with an internal consultation and caravan and then moving on to the external consultation. We also call on the MRG to present this idea as a European regional campaign at the meeting in Cochabamba.
  6. We call on Dutch groups that are involved in the PGA process to organize a parallel conference during the Interpol meeting in the Hague in October 2001 to challenge the increasing repression of the anti-globalization movement, initiate a process of reflection and to open communication channels between more "radical" and more "moderate" groups, networks and organizations.
  7. We support the CRISE initiative to coordinate national anti-police repression networks, and call for the meeting in the Hague within this context.
  8. We support the project of organizing several routes to visit Colombian grassroots movements before the meeting Cochabamba, and we support a process of convergence among networks focusing on the situation in Colombia.

Note: There is not sufficient time to discuss the organization of global actions around the WTO meeting in Qatar.

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