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Dance Down the G8!!

Pink Silver March - Tactical Frivolity

We are a colorful party in the street, a carnaval with theatre, pink fairies and radical cheerleaders, clowns and music, a creative, magical and confrontational dance that takes decisions in a horizontal manner through affinity groups. We want to reduce aggressivity to the minimum with imagination, samba, art, playing with space (and with the police), to create an relaxed atmosphere with good vives. While we dance we denounce the brutality of capitalism, patriarchy, racism and all the forms of oppression and domination, denying any legatimity to those 8 men who meet as if the world belonged to them and they could exploit and destroy at their will.

We want to enter the red zone, if possible get to the palace where the summit takes place and stop it with our dances, but we don't want to initiate any kind of violence against the police. Among us there are people who will not respond to police violence, no matter how brutal it is, but there are also people who are not willing to take high levels of aggression without offering resistance. We respect all these options and will try to create spaces for all of them to express themselves without interfering with each other. But we clearly do NOT want heroes, machos or marthyres: we want to act in a collective and consensed manner at all times, especially while we are all together, so we ask people who want to have total autonomy in their actions and reactions to look for other groups which are closer to their vision of total autonomy. We also don't want anyone to bring into the pink silver any logos or organizational labels in order to avoid having the feeling that we are being instrumentalised for aims that are not shared by everyone.

On the 20th we will meet at 9:00 in the convergence centre (Martin Luther King square) to make the last preparations and give IMPORTANT INFORMATION (legal, medical, communications, etc). We will leave all together at 10:30 (NOT LATER) towards the Manin square, where we will meet women's groups and pacifist affinity groups. What happens after that moment will depend on all of us, we will take decisions on the day through affinity groups, and we might split in different groups after reaching the Manin square. While we are with pacifist groups, it is very important that everybody respects their forms of action and reaction towards police provocations.

Our strategy: Tactical Frivolity
Our identification: Pink Silver
Our meeting point: 9:00 at Convergence centre (Martin Luther King sq.)
Bring with you: An affinity group (if possible), pink and silver stuff, things to make noise, water and food, a good map, protective things if you want, and a good and vibrant party mood!!

you can find the leaflet at

will write more soon
brian s

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