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My name is Venus Kamura. I am a Pink Love Fairy, from Venus. I am not part of any organisation or religion, but just for now I am part of the human race. The following are just my feelings. I want to share them with as many people as possible to try to stop the flow of blood in such a special movement that is global and ancient and in need of change if we are all to bring about the abolition of dictatorship on this wonderful planet. I want to live in a land where freedom and our hearts will be our leaders and we will all be happy again. I know in my heart that this is possible. Planet Earth is a land of infinite possibilities.
Let's get it Rockin!

The passion of our commitment to seeing in a new world where we are all One and the planet is saved from the disastrous effects of a “traveling circus of capitalists,” who threaten the destiny of the planet and our children with extinction for the sake of temporary benefits, unsustainable lifestyles, dictatorship and financial reward is coming to a head World-Wide.

Let us not kid ourselves that this is a new movement. This is a movement that has been happening all over the world since the rise of greed and violence. The only difference is, is that it is our turn in history to do our best for the future of the planet. We must consider carefully our next step, acknowledging history and breaking free from the circle of war and so that we may move harmoniously into the cosmic infinite spiral of change into a beautiful new world .We must move together in harmony expressing the needs of Those we choose to represent and not our own personal feelings of revenge on the police slaves who know not who they are, or, what they are doing by giving their lives up to be just pawns in a dictators games. Our recklessness, and acting from our egos could cost lives; it may not even be our own life that we put in jeopardy but the lives of our fellow activists, friends and families, or those we are representing in the most vulnerable countries. We saw in Italy how the state took revenge on our movement as soon as all the G8 guests had left by massacring our sleeping friends in school Diaz that night.

It is not a personal battle we are here for. It is a vision of hope we carry for everyone. Proceed with caution . Use Your deepest intuition. Be careful not to confuse intuition and fear. Use Your integrity. Use Your heart with the deepest Love for all that is, and all that can be, and we will each be in ourselves the people we want to see in the world we are working together to reinvent. We can and we will live in harmony. There will be peace on Mother Earth and we will all be empowered. There will be no slaves and each person and living thing will feel joy in every day.

That day is coming if we proceed with commitement to global change. If we proceed with the interests of everyone and every living thing on the planet that is being affected by the dictatorship of globalisation, and if we use our macrocosmic view of the world and not the microcosmic short-term view of what we want, we will succeed. Seeking fast results can cost lives and can end up recreating the age old war story that for centuries these lords of death, fear, suffering and disease have been manipulating in order to distract us from what is truly happening in the world. We can win. We can even create a win, win situation where these guys can let go of the crap they come out with and work together with us to create a very much better world. We live on planet Earth; this is a planet of infinite possibilities.

The dictators and bullies are feeling threatened, very threatened. They are on the run and they all the time looking for places out of the way to have their meetings, only highlighting the need for more global action. These self appointed leaders who do not represent the people but who claim to do so, have forced themselves into a dishonest unloving leadership role whose chief aim is to gain more power over our people and make slaves of the human race. Many people have entrusted these elected leaders with their lives and the lives of their children. This trust has been wearing thin as people all over the planet feel the effects of globabisation on their families as they loose their jobs, find themselves slaves to some nazi fat cats and even realise that their so called leaders have sold their hard working honest souls to some multinational corporation with no regard for them whatsoever. For some the story is more grim as our fellow human beings find themselves and their children starving to death, in a world where there is more than enough food and where crops are being burnt to raise their market value. Or where people are dying and watching their children die as they do not have enough money to buy the medicines they need. It wears thin too for people who realise that they are not supported by the government who they have spent their whole working lives supporrting. Times are changing and they need to .We must change too. We must return love and harmony to our own lives to each other's lives and to all living things, and, we must respect our Mother Earth, without whom none of this would be possible.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mother Earth was angry with the Italian politicians, the police and the G8 for their bad and inappropriate behaviour during the demonstrations and wanted to voice her anger too. It was obvious that she was doing so by erupting her hot and angry blood in one of the biggest demonstrations she has ever had from Mount Etna which started during the demonstrations in Genoa. Her perfect timing, was one of those magical coincidences? Could she have been put under arrest too and charged with violent behaviour? Or were the cops a bit scared to take her on? Her timing was a sure sign of her support for us, and her anger surely lay with her control freak children who are set on destroying her and her more vulnerable children throughout the land. She supports us as we support her. Our Mother who loves us will protect us and guide us. We are listening and we must continue to listen and be guided by her. She will not let us down.

They try to control nature but they cannot. They try to control everything, but they cannot. The truth is that they cannot control themselves. They are so out of touch with human nature, even their own human nature. They are out of control. So it's up to us to take care of the future of the planet and our people to deliver them safely into the future. We must support each other as much as we possibly can. They cannot control how we think, only we can do that. They cannot control our integrity, only we can do that.

Sadly, integrity is a word that is rare to associate with politicians in these times. Lack of such a vital ingredients as love, respect, sharing and integrity are too important to overlook if we want to put power in the hands of somebody whom we choose to represent Us. So really, it is up to Us, together with Our love respect, sharing and integrity to move this movement forward. We will continue to press forward with our positive vision for social political and environmental change. We will continue to create the world we want to live in. This beautiful fair and peaceful world. It doesn't matter what these self-appointed leaders of the world think unless they are prepared to create a better world for All and not just themselves and their rich multinational friends. We must all work together. Everyone has a part to play. Everyone is important. We must save the world and her people as a team, as a strong team and as individuals who see what needs to change and then who make that effort to do so.

One of the big killers on this planet is apathy. I read a thing in an internet café calendar in Galway, Ireland, yesterday that read “why are the people who have all the answers to world problems taxi drivers and hair dressers”. This was a very good skit on human behaviour in general where people have all the answers and yet sit on their asses and don't act on their ideas. Why not? We can and we must empower each other and ourselves and rise above apathy. We need action and we need it now.

Demonstrations are important, but just as important are things like recycling and consumer choice. Everyone can demonstrate in this way. It is effective. Boycotting is effective and beautiful. We must not support any companies who support this globalisation movement. We don't want poisoned food so we buy organic food. Or better still we can plant our own seeds and grow our own food. We don't want them to chop down the rainforests and for now they do, so we plant our own trees wherever we go, yippee, and watch them grown , cleaning the air yahooieee. We don't want their polluting household cleaners so we use products that are safe for our children the environment and ourselves and not just marketed as such. We don't support the exploitation of workers in sweatshops so we don't buy their products. We don't support chain store supermarkets intent on wiping out local trade, so we shop with small and local business, encouraging them and empowering them. We don't support the buying and selling of Mother Earth's waters, so we use the natural springs where possible or we get fitted filters. After all could we in Europe end up like Bolivia, having our rainwater privatised where a permit is needed to collect the rainwater falling on their homes? When we buy fuel we are careful where it comes from, boycotting where appropriate. The list of how we can make a difference is endless. We can make it fun to do. It is a very empowering feeling to be as free from corporate greed as we can. Hooray it's so easy. And just say You do have to buy something that you know has come from a company and You would really rather not buy it then maybe just send some Love and extra nice feelings and good wishes to the People who created the product for You and carry them with You in Your heart with that thing. I do this if I get a feeling with stuff that I feel may came from a place where the workers were not fairly treated, and I am being slack about just saying 'no' and well I truly feel it brings me closer to that person. I can be selfish and stubborn sometimes about just wanting something and wishing it wasn't made in China and its something tacky and girly and gorgeous and dam I do feel guilty about it too. I want everyone to feel loved respected and well treated and I want all trade to be fair. I also feel I am creating a kind of special connection with the person who made my thing. I wonder if they feel this special feeling I am sending them and they don't know where it's coming from, but it makes them feel nice. I hope so. The power of Love. Obviously the idea is to abolish all unfair trade. Sending Love to workers in these countries who are our brothers and sisters is a nice thing to do anyway. For sure they feel it. Love knows no boundaries.

This break from corporate to non-corporate shopping may mean a big sacrifice for a few people, who are as yet still caught in the trap of corporate shopping. The sacrifice You make will make a difference to the future of Those we are leaving the planet to. If things continue as they are going there will be no future of the human race. Some might say that might be a good thing, but everyone and the planet dying is a boring ending and I want a party, a massive global party full of happy loving rocking tick tockin fun and funky free people living in peace, laughing singing dancing and playing like they've never played before. I am counting on being there. We can make a difference. We can change the world.

For some this change of lifestyle will mean a tough challenge, but as time goes on our sacrifice becomes our reward. We feel better about our choices and the effects of our growing movement that is accepted as a norm. Imagine one day we will be going to shops and they will have no corporate, or Earth destroying products. We will all be eating organic foods and running our homes with natural sustainable fuels like sun, wind, water etc. People will be driving around in environmentally sound vehicles and there will be nothing anywhere selling anything corporate because there is just no market. Oh yes, yabadabadoo, how exciting. There will be no threat of war. No fear in peoples eyes, and smiling children playing on the streets everywhere. We will be telling our children and grandchildren about the olden days when people were trying to destroy the Earth. They won't believe us, and we will just smile inside knowing how great this new way of life is for them. There will be no need for demonstrations so, I will be out there with all the funky sisters and brothers planting trees all over the World. And everyone will be focusing on sustainable lifestyles or whatever they were drawn to during the revolution and teaming up to enjoy the excellent new vibration. No need for demonstrations, as we will all is respectful of the world we are sharing and the beings we are sharing Her with. Yeah.... This day is nearer than we think, so long as we kick ass and create it. This may mean the word Apathy becomes extinct ...oh yes ...we can change everything. , Why not? Why settle for less than the full change. We can and we will. Come on, its going to be great. And it's going to be a rocking party to celebrate a rocking victory for the future of the planet. Pink fairies everywhere, Yeah. Whatever the colour, pink block, blue block, black block, green, indigo, white, purple, whatever, we will all have made it through and everybody's names on the guestlist. It's going to be the party of a lifetime and its never going to end.

First things first, we have to outwit these so-called war experts who are set up by the government to set us up. As we saw in Genoa they are trying to get us to run into traps and together with the vulture culture media create a drama to their advantage. One person who told me they were with the black block when they started smashing up a bank was surprised to have one of the black bloc tell him that it was ok to smash up the bank even though the police were there watching. It was a strange air of confidence that he said that the cops were not going to do anything. That sat strange with my friend. This to me even sounded a bit weird until of course You remember that we are being infiltrated and set up by the police the whole time. It was of course recorded on video police dressed up as demonstrators getting out of police vans and smashing up banks and then going back to their police vans and looking at maps deciding where to go to next. Such propaganda is easy whilst we have an easy to hijack groups such as those brave and direct action members who we must remember are there for the same reason as us to demonstrate against the recognised leaders of the world, and to have a free world for all. The police target them and hijack them with their dirty tactics, setting them up and encouraging them to do things that they may not want to do. It has even been seen on occasion that mainstream spineless media types have instigated situations by chucking rocks and stones to get things going to get their picture or story. Lets face it what has destroying a bank got to do with violence ... the violence caused through banks corrupt use of money has cost the lives of millions of vulnerable people, and especially those in the most vulnerable countries, not to mention the investments in arms and other non planet and people friendly businesses they invest in. How strange that the criminals of the World, these banks are so highly regarded while those who highlight it by getting rid of a few are made out to criminals. But Black block are being made out to be criminals by even us. That sucks. This kind of direct action by black bloc, which, like our ideas and ways of expressing ourselves must not be judged by those of us who express ourselves differently at demonstrations. We must not be divided by our difference of opinion or we will end up being like the political partries who fight for world domination. We all are on the streets for the same reason. We must respect our differences and work out a way of working together. After all we all want a better world and not to recreate hierarchy of good demonstarters and bad demonstrators. We want One world. One love. Not another stupid fight, fighting among ourselves. Don't be led into their trap to have us turn against eachother. We are one for one. We move together and we stick together.

They are trying to divide us and we must remember even more so to stick together. Some friends of mine who were going with the black block at Genoa. At one point they were trying to find another group to run with when they were aggressively attacked and screamed at by other demonstrators. These demonstrators who attacked them were calling themselves pacifists and were attacking them because they walked through the Pacifists Square. Our group had also been in the Pacifists Square previously; the only difference was we wore pink. Then that same group tried to join our group; the pinks and the general consensus seemed to be that we didn't want them. I was really angry at this point of divide, and I said how we were doing the same kind of alienation that our governments do to asylum seekers who try to enter our countries. I was disgusted by the response to not letting in our fellow humans looking for safety, the day after a march on immigration. Such hypocrisy. These people for whatever reason wanted to be with us and were in need of our protection and we were in a serious time of crisis. In such times, it must be obvious that our different political groups mean nothing. It is the lives of our fellow demonstrators and our own lives that must be protected. If we can give support to eachother regardless of our politics then we must give it. We must support each other , whatever our colour. If You or I were being beatern by police there is no doubt in my mind that black block would not hesitate to help us by defending us from the police. We must look at what has happened in war history where governments have turned people against there own people. They have always done this where they have been afraid of a certain type of people, where they will show up the total lack of integrity and lack of respect they have for our lives. We already do it against asylum seekers. These government war guys work on tried and tested methods. Well we are not prepared to put up with the same old dirty games. We stick together. We are one. We all want a better world and we will get it, united we stand. Divided we fall. We stand and we move forward together as One for One Love, One World, where we can all be free...Yehawwww.

All groups must meet and come together and even though we might spend hours discussing stuff, we must sort out a way of all being strong together. We must respect eachothers ways and we must win. We must win for the future of the planet and for all who sail on Her. We can win. We are winning. They will continue with their dirty tactics, that's how they run the world, but we can and we will work out a way of being direct and effective. Direct action rocks and is important. They use the dirty way. We don't need to. If we proceed with our truth and don't fall into their traps we win quicker. They are relying on us being violent and aggressive so that they can show the general public the need to criminalise our strength and our threat to them. Cop bashing, however much of a buzz at the time and a great point scorer doesn't save the world and is a distraction. Of course, as we all know from experience that cops are the ones with the gas and the batons and the guns and how inclined they are to start the trouble. These cops, or boys with toys and no brains can be dangerous, but they are thickos, and are a waste of time. They are a decoy from the guys who are the real enemy. We need to go straight to the beast and get them to fight their own battle. I would love to see a battle of truths , with all the citizens of the world as a jury. Finding an honest judge would be a treat too. Well why not put them on trial for all the crimes towards Mother Earth and her children. That's the one. Who can argue with that. It is just an illusion that they are in power. They have decided to set themselves up as the powerful ones, its not even true.

It is an illusion. Each of us in this world is a very important power, we can all love. LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING. We all, each one of us have this love tool inside of us always waiting to be activated. So we all together can use this to heal the world and move it into another dimension. The people being as One with LOVE is the power. They are scared of people power and it is their fear that is creating it even more. They have led us to believe that it is they who hold the power, but it is only so if we give it to them. Bullying people with police to frighten them against questioning their demonic ritualistic killing of all of our resources and families. It's a stupid game. And it's game GAME OVER boys. Time for a new game. They have played this game too often and it has worked once too often. Things from Genoa are fresh in Europe. We must continue to show that the police are being ordered by the frightened and guilty politicians and multinationals to kill us. The images of Genoa shocked and confused those who saw them. They need to know who the real bad guys are at home. We need the support of everyone and there grandmothers. They are trying to criminalise us. They want us to look like the baddies. That's what bad guys do. But its up to us to Scooby Doo them and show the viewers at home that they are the baddies and we want justice. We must make it so that everyone realises this.

When we demonstrate we must do so carefully so as not to have any more deaths. Enough blood has been spilled for too long throughout history for the same reasons. When we go out on the streets we must be aware that we are representing the millions of people who cannot be there. We must be aware that we represent their demands too and that it may be a whole list of reasons that they are unable to attend. . Perhaps, in this democracy, their jobs which they have to support their families would be at risk if they were found to be attending a anti globalisation demonstration, especially if they are to be wrongfully arrested as is the norm and accused and scapegoated as terrorists, and ring leaders, in order to distract from the issues for which they are attending. It may be in order to fulfil the quota of arrests for the slave police who know not what they do. It could be that the threat of the lords of fear and death who send their slave police out to fight a battle they do not understand in the name of democracy, together with the propaganda and hype surrounding demonstrations, frightens those with children away from being present. It may be that pregnant women worried about the future of their children cannot go due the fatal effects to their foetus from the C.S. gas. Perhaps they are a starving family in a third world country withn no information about what is happening. Perhaps they are political prisoners, in prison for their beliefs. Perhaps they are refugees (citizens of the world, like any of us) made scapegoat for unemployment in the country they have come to for a safer life, but are now living in fear of being caught or even attacked by their neighbours for living in a country they were not born in. Perhaps they are dead because they attended a demonstration somewhere and were murdered for it. Enough people have died in the name of globalisation, injustice and greed and we can create change without loosing any more of our fellow activists, friends and family. We must also be aware that we are being infiltrated at all times by police as agent provocateurs who seek to expose us as terrorists by themselves leading the way with violence and destruction of property, a very cheep and dirty trick. We must be careful not to get set up by these guys who lead demonstrators into a prison sentence that is scapegoating us for their behaviour. It costs very little to hire a bunch of thugs and plant them in a demonstration. It costs them a little more perhaps than they pay a worker in a NIKE factory in a third world, which is unable to be a developing country due to third world debt, to make us look like the bad guys. Well, sorry guys we have had enough of your dirty tricks.

This leads me onto the fact of our actions. I have experienced this so many times in my short life on Mama Earth, growing up in Ireland in 1981 at the time when the hunger strikers were being allowed to die in prison, where these political prisoners, including Bobby Sands, who became an elected MP while in prison was allowed to die by Margaret Thatcher for his beliefs .I was at the time was doing a solidarity hunger strike for nearly a month. I was there at Stonehenge in the 80,s when the police behaved in a similar way to the police in Genoa attacking us for being a movement, we were called travellers and criminalised and beaten up by police for traveling. Margaret Thatcher, again ordering her army of pawns in to attack a bunch of hippies. This changed the movement. That was the intention and it worked. I see it happening again now with the anti globalisation movement and I am writing this because I really fear we could, by taking things personally take a wrong turn and end up with an elite movement of hardened anarchists who are only there to take on the police. It is at this point that they win again. They will have forced us into their war. Well we don't play war games. We want a fair world so we don't play dirty. Its really boring playing dirty. It has happened for too long. Let's just stick to super hero tactics. Without violence we are the Bat Woman, Bat man, Spider Woman or Spider Man, Super Woman or Super Man, or Scooby Doo kids who always get the bad guys and turn from been seen as the pesky meddling kids into the saviours of the universe. Yeah guys and dolls. Please lets do it this way. It's Love that rocks every living thing. So let's do it with Love. I could be biased. Being from Venus, I know that it works there really successfully. Umm Love......

These so-called leaders are scared. We have them on the run. In my opinion judging by their inhumane response to third world problems our deaths and tortures are like a porn show to these nazi dictators whose greatest joy is to see people who they consider to be lesser beings than they suffer and die. This is an olde trait of nazi dictators, which have existed in history since greed. You don't have to look very far back in history to see examples of this. I do not want any of us to give them this satisfaction. We know that the whole world is watching our movement. We can do what we want. Whatever we do it must include the needs of everyone on the planet to the best of our ability and not just our own ends. Attacking the pawns in a game of chess is ok but really what we want is a checkmate where there is nowhere for the king to run to, nowhere to hide. Where they must admit defeat and surrender. We can do this. We need to make it safe for the whole world to be part of this movement. We need the support of the elderly. We need the support of the children, the workers, the students, the disenfranchised, and the whole world. We need to make it a safe movement to support. It is a democracy after all, people are supposed to be able to go to demonstrate. Or is that illegal? Amnesty watches us now as they thankfully, intervened following the police brutality in Genoa and the complete violation of human rights.

The media who are mostly multinational corporations are crawling with people who have sold their souls to create a safe world for corporate business. Well they are likely to make their usual derogatory remarks and focus on the violence rather than the issues for which we are here. Well as much as that doesn't matter on one hand, it does on the other, because if we are representing the people then they must feel that we do. We need their support. There are so many people who believe what they read in the papers and what they see on TV. For this reason we must give these people we claim to represent a feeling that we are truly there for them and not just there for the violence that the vulture media types look for. Shame on the media who have as much blood on their hands as the politicians portraying us as terrorists and not having the integrity to rise above their producers and say why we are there, what are demands are, especially as they make so much money out of us. They have not the integrity to tell the truth. When are they going to realise that sooner or later have to be on our side to survive? Slaves to this corrupt system everywhere and we can still win.

This internet is a great aid to those of us who have access to it. What a great way of getting information out into the world. What a great and fun way to empower ourselves. Indymedia is a fantastic way to keep up to date with world news as it is. Already such a movement is such a vision of hope in the great dream that is the future. More and more people are realising that there is somewhere they can go to for an honest news report. There are so many excellent sites covering all sorts of related issues to unite us coming from all over the Planet. It is fantastic and really inspiring.

This also goes to show the tremendous progress we are making in the world towards creating the world, which we wish to see. That's just it, if You want to see it in the world then live it create it, be it. We can in this first world be anything we want to be. In 1989 I was in a circus show in Austria on a piece of squatted land owned by the military. It was not a commercial circus. It was a free show, showing the human skills available to us. I walked fire for the show, because I wanted to show that there is nothing we cannot do. As long as we believe we can do it, it can be done. Let us always remember this. Let us remember this as a light at the darkest hour. We have to create a New World. We are already creating it.

History has shown how so many people have been have been slaves to the lords of illusion, the lords of fear and death .Too many people have been taken for a ride in the name of democracy and in the name of greed disguised as honour have lost their lives or have been put in a position of threat by their leaders who have had no respect for them. These lords who have made a mockery of people and their families. They got people and they still do, and with no value for their lives, or the families they leave behind have told them that they must go to war, fight for their country. These poor souls and their families, it is for them that we are here too. These people that felt they were doing their country good, or who were made to go to war, were in fact set up by leaders who got them out doing their dirty work, to kill their brothers and sisters, to have no respect for their fellow man. When they got out there they were not fighting a war they were fighting for their lives. Why? Because of money, because of power for their greedy rulers who had no value for their lives. These pawns in a game of greed gave up their lives, gave up their loved ones wives, children and friends and they still do throughout the world. Its time for the game to stop. There can be no winners in war.

The passion of our commitement to seeing in a new world where people and the planet come before the profits of a tiny minority is a serious threat to the dictators who have forced and bullied themselves into a position of power to rule the planet and her people with bully boy tactics such as greed and violence. The good news is it is coming to an end. Their idea of creating a globalised economy has been allowed to go on for too long as they build up armies around them as is seen throughout the history of patriorcy. No where to run to, nowhere to hide boys. We have come for our Planet and we won't accept less that complete surrender. No deals. You can't be trusted. Sorry. Move over. The light is coming through.

There was a time, and there still is in some parts of the world, people who are elected by their people to represent them and who do so with honesty and integrity and for the good of all the people. They take their position very seriously, and in a few parts of the world there are communities who are run by women, which run successfully, and for the good of all. They have successful community industries, unemployment is really low, education is high and the children grow up with no feeling of power and profit being their goals. Well, as we know, if it can happen some where it can happen anywhere.

May Love and Light shine in every area of Your Lives as we work together to bring an everlasting light of Hope and Love into the World. May We continue to remain strong in Our Truth and may Peace, Love and all that is good be an every moment large and lucious, funky groovin happening part of ALL that We live for the rest of Our days together till that rockin tick tockin funktastic mega global celebration party rocks out, and ever after. I wish Love to all and thanks so much for reading this far. I didn't think I had so much to say.

Keep on Rockin... Love from Venus Kamura. Xxx

Only when there is enough Love on this magical planet , This Mother Earth will I be able to return to my people, my family and friends on Venus . When I first realised that I was stuck here I was really freaked out. I have to say though, that my time here has been a really exciting and wonderful one. I have found that my connections with the animals, the birds, nature, and people here have been amazing and educational and I thank all of You who have magically come into my life and helped and supported me through these interplanetary changes. Some of You know and some of You don't know and maybe never will that our time together has been an awesome and a great adventurous journey. I am fully committed to returning the favour of this hospitality by committing to promoting the Love I carry from My planet, Venus, and carrying this magic through and planting the seeds of love for the children of tomorrow on Your amazing planet. Just remember that Love is so strong and something they cannot control and cannot fight. I love You All
... Venus. X

I wrote this to just put across what I feel and it is in no way a judgement on anyone, rather a suggestion and something for people to resonate with and for those of us who don't know why we are doing what we are doing and who want to have some idea of what we are doing this for.
Let's stop War. Greed is not worth dying for. I just want to see a planet Earth where people have everything to live for and where Love rocks all over, where freedom and love coexist and parties don't get busted, because people are having too much of a good time. All back to mine.... Planet Venus....
You'll love it! All Welcome.
... I would really welcome some feedback and some resonance from anyone who got this far...or from anyone interested in a web site I am setting up for kid as well as adults.........Do let me know and I will put You on a mailing list and tell You when it is set up, thankx......and Ps, can You pass this on to as many people as possible please, its intention is to heal and bring peace and love into the future, now.........Love and Peace out .Venus x

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