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Genoa Report 7-25

Weds. am, Lisa Fithian from Southern France

As of Tuesday...most of this information is from one of the organizers of GSF in Genoa.

Tuesday was a national day of protest in Italy. 20,000 people marched in Genoa to protest police actions. mostly residents. They did a mass sit in atthe Piazza in the old town where the G8 had their picture taken.

The remaining people in jail, about 20, are suppose to be released today. About 40 remain in the hospital. Three still in critical condition. One is Sky an IMC guy from the UK. He is in a coma and had his pancreas removed. The other two are German, one woman, one man. One of them has a punctured lung. Reports are that between 500-600 wounded.

The list of missing persons is much smaller since they finally got a list of names from the jail and hospital. But there are still some unaccounted for. If you still know of people missing contact the legal number on the Italy IMC webpage to report information.

Tutti Bianci organized a safe train out of Genoa to Milan earlier this week to help people leave. The French in Nice have set up a convergence space for people leaving to regroup and heal. Thursday will be a national day of action in France.

The funeral for Carlos is today. People are nervous.

There is also fear that some of the organizers, spokespeople of GSF will be targeted for arrest and are moving around to safe places. The main spokes person Anuleto has been fired from his job.

There are efforts to collect evidence to do a white paper to call on the magistrate to open a commission of inquiry. The magistrate had already had the Diaz school closed where the police bloodbath took place to keep the evidence.

This means however that people cannot collect there things once released from jail. The support community there is helping people get what they need.

Actions have been happening all over the world. Thank goodness, we must make it impossible for this to happen again.   Lisa

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