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Protestors welcome G20

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Tuesday October 24th: As leaders from around the world sit down to discuss economics at the G20, people are gathering in the streets to voice their descent with how power is structured in society. Two arrests have been reported today during the demonstrations outside of the conference.

Monday October 23rd,
anti-globalization protesters rallied in front of the Sheraton Hotel in opposition to the G20 meeting that took place on the 24th. "We will not stand for thirty people in a hotel room making decisions for the rest of the world" a protester shouted. After two hours of chanting and dancing, a small group turned up the heat by lighting fires in two garbage dumpsters. Chaos ensued. The demonstration broke down, turning into a cat and mouse game with mounted riot squads charging down the streets armed with batons and pepper spray. Thirty-nine demonstrators were arrested, some while seated on the ground holding hands.


And so it begins.... Monday 23 Oct 2000

author: Josh Day

The G20 meeting in Montreal hasn't even started yet, but the propaganda has. A montreal police spokesperson has accused the demonstarters of 'carrying 2 by 4's and tear gas'. Which is simply an attempt to demonize the causes we represent in the eyes of the public. He made this allegation, and offered no supporting evidence whatsoever (ie photos). Unfortunately the average person mistakenly places their trust in the police and the media to be honest and fair, two things they don't intend to be.


Police Clash with Anti-Corporate Globalization Protestors in Montreal

Tuesday 24 Oct 2000
author: CBC

Protestors gathered Monday night and Tuesday to protest a meeting of the "G-20" in Montreal.

"MONTREAL - Two more G-20 protesters were arrested Tuesday after refusing to move after being ordered to by police.
Dozens of officers in riot gear are blocking off Rene-Levesque Boulevard, and limiting access to the Sheraton Centre where the G-20 meeting is being held."

The complete report from mainstream (but non-corporate) media is at:


Great report from Montreal Wednesday 25 Oct 2000

author: greenrose

It was good to get some reporting from the G20 protests, Francois. Thoughtful & well-written. The mainstream media reports on the CBC have been the same ol' same ol', except for maybe CanadaNow (6:30 p.m., ch.6) with Dennis Trudeau, who made a mild attempt to show that there was more to G20 than violence. And I do mean mild. Although he did let a well-spoken young protester speak for about 30 seconds. He promises to continue covering the protests for the rest of the week, so you might look to get in front of his camera. CTV News at 11 p.m. with Lloyd Robertson made it sound like it was a GOOD thing that the 2nd day of protests were "taken care of" by police! The CTV News website has a new comments section that could be visited so that they know we don't like the way they are reporting this protest. I'm surprised that there aren't more people posting at www.quebec.indymedia.org with their stories & photos. I know they've only been up & running for a few weeks, but it would be nice to see some news there! I believe it was set up for events in Montreal *and* Quebec City.

As for the violence towards the cops & potentially protestors - not good. Why stoop to the level of those that do violence, whether it be robo-cops or the actions of the WTO/IMF that cause death & destruction? I'd like to hear from those people who did the rock -throwing on these pages. Lets use words, not weapons. Damage to cars & buildings is not violence. If only the G20 could get that straight. Lets teach them.

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