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Speaking Tour: "Free" Trade, Repression & Poverty
[2nd Announcement 03 Jan 2001]

Speaking Tour in Canada and the US
March-April, 2001

FTAA ["Free" Trade Area of the Americas], Poverty & Repression

An opportunity to learn about "free" trade, impoverishment and repression in Honduras, Guatemala and Chiapas, and about community economic development alternatives.

In late March & April 2001, Rights Action [formerly Guatemala Partners] will organize 2 speaking tours, for community human rights and development activists from Honduras, Guatemala and/or Chiapas, who will travel through the US and Canada, speaking in public educational forums.

Their tours will culminate in Quebec City April 15-21, 2001, during the "Summit of the Americas" when leaders from across the Americas will meet to discuss the "Free" Trade Area of the Americas - FTAA.

Along with accompanying Rights Action staff persons, our southern activist partners will talk about:

Is your university, school, church, institution or community organization interested in organizing an educational and fund-raising event(s) for one of our speakers - accompanied by a Rights Action person — in late March and April 2001?

If so, let us know as soon as possible.

Contact: Grahame Russell, Tel: 416-654-2074. E:

Rights Action [formerly Guatemala Partners]. With offices in Washington DC, Toronto and Guatemala City, Rights Action is a tax-exempt organization that funds and provides technical support to development, humanitarian relief and human rights organizations in Guatemala, Chiapas (Mexico), Honduras and Haiti; and educates in the US and Canada about international rights, humanitarian and development issues. For more information, see

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