archives of global protests - archives des protestations mondiales - archivos de los protestos globales

FTAA Miami, November 17-21 2003
8th Trade Ministerial Meeting
School of the Americas
SOA/WHISC, Nov. 21-24, Fort Benning, GA

Oct 20-Nov 24: Autonomous Social Movements Caravan
from maine to Miami (FTAA & SOA) with delegates from Argentina and Brazil
Oct 31-Nov 2 New Haven: Festival Against FTAA + NE Consulta
FTAA Mini Ministerial, Wye Center, Maryland, June 14 2003
for more information contact: Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

November 21-23 Shut down the US Army School of the Americas Fort Benning, Georgia, USA
Call to Action, Schedule of Events
Close the SOA! November 21-23, 2003

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