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Anti-FTAA Caravan Stops in Guelph October 4th
29 Sept 2000



Marie S. Reilly
Guelph Action Network
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Anti-FTAA Caravan Makes a Stop in Guelph October 4th

GUELPH, ON - Sept. 29, 2000- On Wednesday October 4th the anti-FTAA Caravan will be passing through Guelph and will include speakers from Montreal and Mexico who will be talking about the proposed Free trade Area of the Americas. During the day two workshops will be held, the first in the at the University of Guelph, Mackinnon Building Room 231 at 13:30 and the second workshop will also be in Mackinnon, Room 227 at 15:30. Also, please join us for a panel discussion at 19:00 at the Matrix Centre (corner of Wyndham St. N. and Woolwich St.). All events are free and wheelchair accessible. For childcare, special needs or more information please contact 836-2409.

At these events join us for a critical look at Canada's latest Free trade deal being negotiated right now which will effectively be an extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) into the entire Western Hemisphere. The first workshop is entitled Globalization, the Summit of the Americas and the FTAA and will feature Sarita Ahooja who will speak on indigenous resistance in Latin America, also Mathieu Houle-courcelles a student activist from Montreal and Jaggi Singh anti-globalization activist. The second workshop entiltled Latin American struggles will feature Sarita Ahooja, Alejandra Salas Tovar Mexican Student activist and Oscar Carillo arroyo activist and political refugee from last years Mexican Student Strike. Then Evening panel event will involve all caravan participants as well as josh shook, Ward 5 candidate, who will focus on the local impacts of globalization.

The tour aims, in part, to make direct links with anti-capitalist, anti-globalization activists in Ontario, with the aim of strengthening resistance movements to capitalist globalization, passing on organizing info, and sharing collective knowledge about the FTAA and related topics.

Don't miss the Anti-FTAA Caravan in Guelph this Wednesday October the 4th, workshops in the afternoon at the University of Guelph and an evening a panel discussion downtown at the Matrix centre, everyone welcome. This event is brought to you by the Guelph action Network and the Montreal based Anti-capitalist Convergence. For more information please call (519) 836-2409. [END]

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