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Going to Quebec in April 2001?
Thu, 07 Dec 2000


People intending on visiting Quebec next spring (FTAA-SOA Quebec City April 20-22nd) might consider doing some quick research right now, and give yourself some time to plan ahead...

Check out maps of Quebec and orient yourself. Read up a little on what it's like. For instance, did you know the entire city is surrounded by a massive wall? (now are they ever thinking ahead or what!)

Learn or review your French! 96% of the people speak French on a regular basis!

Did people take French in high school/college and have phrase books, text books lying around?

Perhaps we could have a refresher course where these books could come together, and those who know French somewhat could teach the others who've never had it some of the more necessary phrases (if you're arrested, emergency stuff). I'm not sure how many people also speak English, although when it comes to oppressors, they'll probably pretend not to understand. I know enough to refresh myself, and then pass it on at a mtg.

Make sure you have a valid passport!

Find a place to stay! Here's a link to some cheap motels, youth hostels, and other accomodations (with links to other hotels as well) in Quebec.

Put it on your calendar (if you have one) so you don't forget to once the time gets closer

Make sure you have work off during that week. I'm sure, if you're anything like me, some of you won't even know if you'll have the same job then! ;)

Just some intial thoughts I'd throw out there...

Vive la revolution!

Carrie Anne of Seattle, WA

FTAA-SOA Quebec City April 20-22nd
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