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toronto: Goblins fight with corporate pigs to get to Chretien

another communique from the anti-corporate goblins in toronto, this time involving some civil disobedience at the americas business forum (abf) at the trade and convention center ... j

ps: keep in mind that for the goblins, english is a second language ...

Goblin activity report for Nov. 3rd

-- Peoples' Goblins arise and scare off Chretien --

This afternoon the peoples' goblins arose en masse and took on the form of a demo mob monster to scare off the evil trade ministers, the 1000 and 1 capitalists, and the Grand Chretien himself. Today was the last of the three-day Americas Business Forum (ABF) where corporations from around the world do the real planning and drafting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

After a night of storms, the peoples' goblins crawled out of the subway tunnels and amassed in front of the convention centre where they chanted and created noises to ward off evil trade spirits. After hearing words of solidarity from their comrades (for goblins exist without hierarchy and leaders), the goblins began marching around the building.

With drums and rattles leading the way, the goblins stormed over the western bridge to the southern tower where the CEO's and ministers were hatching plots to rule the world. The sound of goblin cackles and drums could be heard coming over the hill as they marched down to the entrance.

"Free Trade's not Free! It's a right wing strategy! To enslave you and me!"

"Stop the war on the poor! Make the rich pay!"

"Privatization and Free markets! (clap clap) We're all targets!"

It seemed the police were not ready for the tricky smooth moves of these peoples' goblins as they ran around trying to block routes that they thought would be taken. In the end, the goblins stormed down the hill en masse. Police tried to block them, but there were no leaders and each goblin moved forward on their mission. They surrounded the doorways and windows of the hall and bellowed loudly to disrupt the sinister meetings below. Many suits and their television eyes came up to see the ruckus and shiver in their loafers. (For of course there were sneaky goblins inside as well!)

When it seemed like the goblins had gathered a chaotic force, the corporate lords and chretien sent their star rugby police force to engage the goblins in a sporting match. For about 45 minutes the goblins scrummed, with police laughing and falling, yelling and whirling. Slippery goblins were a match for the squad but they were finally pushed to the sidewalk line where they continued to throw insults and curses at the CEO's inside.

In the end the score was high for the goblins. Corporate goons were forced to be rerouted and the Grand Chretien was delayed 45 minutes until we had left. At which point the goblins marching back to the caverns ran into Chretien's motorcade under the bridge and beat it away with placards and drums.

And the goblins sighed and wished they didn't have to go back underground to write long-ass rambling communiques. But they will be back again tomorrow for the final round of FTAA talks and the demonstration and trial tomorrow morning.

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