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Call to Action! April 20-22 Mexico-US Border Mobilization
8 Feb 2001

April 20-22 Mexico-US Border Mobilization
Points of Unity/Call to Action

Border Actions Committee

Mexico-US Border Mass Mobilization
April 20-22 2001
Tijuana - San Diego, and beyond...

From: (a fierce tiger), San Diego (Lee Siu Hin), Los Angeles

here is the call to action and the points of unity we consensed upon at the meeting last saturday.

On Saturday, 21 April, 2001, we are proposing a multinational day of protest in the San Diego/Tijuana region in solidarity with the protests in Quebec as part of the campaign against the FTAA and for humanity. Come join us in support of worker's rights, immigrant rights, indigenous rights and the environment.

Points of Unity

  1. Promote a multinational day of action on 21 April to support the mobilization in Quebec, Canada. We will show that they are not alone. Living in the US/Mexico border, we know the consequences of the neoliberal free trade: freedom for businesses in both countries; army and higher border fences for the people.
  2. Support the struggle of maquiladoras workers and farmworkers of San Quintin, Baja California. The 21 April campaign will publicize these struggles and obtain material aid for progressive organizations in Baja California's maquiladoras and San Quintin farmworkers.
  3. The Network of the Globalphobics is asking indigenous farmworkers groups in San Quintin to promote a protest in that area if that action strengthens their struggle and organization. (Resolution of the Globalphobic Conference, Oct, 2000)
    If San Quintin's groups accept to organize a 21 April protest in the Valley of San Quintin, the Coalition to Stop the FTAA will promote this protest and coordinate it with the border protest.
  4. Support the delegation of the EZLN from Chiapas to Mexico City. The Network of the Globalphobics is endorsing the caravan that will leave from Tijuana to Mexico City to meet the EZLN delgation on 10 March, 2001. We propose that the FTAA Coalition endorse and promote financial support to the caravan. The caravan will meet the Commanadancia General of the EZLN. They will invite them to attend the 21 April protest in Baja California/California and write a public declaration supporting the US/Mexico border demonstration.
  5. Ask all groups in the Stop FTAA Coalition San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities to endorse a public declaration explaining that we will organize a non-violent, legal protest. This means that:
    1. No groups or individuals will engage in violence, verbal or physical.
    2. No groups or individuals will engage in property destruction.
    3. No groups or individuals will plan civil disobedience or direct action.

    If we demonstrate in the border area, we don't want to give excuses to the Army and Border Patrol to repress us. We will promote and defend the participation of different groups of workers, students, religious organizations, unions, migrants, Chicanos/as (que mas grupos?).

Tel: (626)403-2530

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