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Goblins Mass, Drop Banners, And stink out the evil suits!

...they just keep coming...there is no stopping them...Goblin Hordes! Vive!

Goblin Activity Update for Nov. 4th


Just when the police thought they had seen enough, the people's goblins arose once again early Thursday morning in their relentless pursuit to drive the trade ministers and the 1000 and 1 capitalists out of town.

The morning began with goblins mobalizing a force to take the front side of the convention centre. There, they hooted and hollared before having a trial to charge the trade ministers with grand theft of human rights and aiding and abetting the abuse of peoples accross the americas. The goblins called forth representatives of regions throughout the americas to give witness to these crimes. The grand judge decreed that the corporate/trade ministers case has been heard for far too long and in too many ways and today the people's goblins would decide for themselves.

The massed goblins enjoyed this greatly and threw the trade ministers into the air and began to march around to the south tower to once again giive their verdict to the ministers in the flesh.

At this same time, some naughty ACERCA goblins had allready scaled the south tower with the distraction provided by the masses. Reaching the top they unfurled a 600 ft square banner in solidarity with the peoples goblins of Chiapas in resisting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and NAFTA. (check The message came just as trade ministers pulled up with the motorcades and fear was struck into their hearts.

The goblin mob flowed down the hill once again unstopped by the corporate goon squad and met up with the dare devil goblins. "Stop the war on the poor! Make the rich pay!" they chanted and danced.

Meanwhile, the message of the peoples goblins had spread throughout the world to their brethen, and other goblins arose today in solidarity against the FTAA and the Global Free Logging Agreement. Goblins tricked corporations and governments in Tokyo, Guatemala, throughout the US and in other parts of the world.
It was clear that the goblins are gaining in strength.

When the day seemed good and done and the goblins began to leave (while dancing), the rugby cop team came and nabbed two goblins from within the ranks. Apparently there had been an awful smell within the main lobby as the trade ministers walked though. Being poor sports, the rugby team took the game into overtime and arrested the goblins (denying that the stench was actually that of the Free Trade). The goblins were later released to a rounding applasue of goblin farts and all was well back in goblin land.

The goblins scuttled back into their tunnles late tonight to ponder what would come next....

David Bleakney
National Union Representative
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Is economic "progress" killing the planet?

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