Blockade at Saint Cergues
(street to Evian; 1/6/2003)

map of the blockade: (compare the aerophoto below!)
1) very small street a few hundreds of meters above the main street in the village where a smaller group of people did maintain a blockade as well (very friendly villagers!).
2) a 2nd small parallel street coming from Switzerland, successfull blockade not confirmed.
3) and 4) two streets to Evian which have been locked by the main blocade.
5) and 6) two streets from Geneva, almost inaccessible for piqueter@s.

start at 4 o'clock

french-swiss border
main street kept by the piqueter@s

The blockade at the street from Annemasse to Evian did start at 5 o'clock in the morning when the march from the Annemasse Villages of approx. 2-3 thousand people - accompanied by the "green-silver-pink" samba band organized by the biozone barrio - reached a police barrier close to Saint Cergues (see the map above).


Samba Band

People brought barriers to build up barricades. Afterwards they looked for wood to make them burning.

In the Village of Saint Cergues some hundred meters from the main blockade a small street was blocked by demonstrators as well (see "1)" on the map above). There was a huge amount of support by local people who were at least affected in the same way as the demonstrators by the massive tear gas attacks (and the animals as well).

Many declared their solidarity and brougth tea, bisquits and fruits to the demonstrators and even material for the barricades.

The pink silver block with its samba band maintained the mood of the teargased and tanned demonstrators

les vaches avec nous!

The end of the blockade was decided by the demonstrators themself - without police pressure. they left about 2 p.m. in a peacful march back to the Annemasse village.

more photos:

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