Mehrere tausend Personen demonstrieren gegen den G8 in Lausanne
von me - 29.05.2003 21:31

Um ca. 17.30 Uhr sind die Leute der beiden amps (Forum und alternative village) losgelaufen und haben sich nun, um 18.15 Uhr getroffen um gemeinsam zur Demonstration zu gelangen.

Sie sind etwa 700-800 Personen, die Stimmung ist gut, woran der Pink-Block mit der Samba-Musik massgeblich beiträgt.

18.15 Uhr: Trotz heftigem Regen hat sich ein Demonstrationszug von mehreren tausend Personen gebildet

19.00 Uhr: Während sich der Demonstrationszug Richtung Bel Air bewegt, hat es an bei dem Place Chauderon (oder so ähnlich) einen kleineren Tränengaseinsatz und fliegende Steine gegeben, von etwa 30-50 Medienleuten verfolgt.

19.25 Uhr Nun wird bald die gesammte Demo auf dem Platz angekommen sein, wo die Schlusskundgebung stattfinden soll.

Ein anderer Artikel zur Demonstration auf Englisch:

There was the first major anti-G8 mobilisation in Lausanne today. Several thousand people took part in the legal march, including a pink-silver contingent from the c'village and a newly arrived contingent of Black Bloc.

The legal march was organised by the anti-G8 mobilisation, but it featured a wide variety of different groups. Several, such as the pink-silver and black blocs, will probably grow and take part in the blockade of Lausanne on Sunday June 1st.

While most of the marchers assembled directly in the startpoint at Lausanne, the pink-silver bloc from the c'village chose to walk into the town from their encampment. Led by an improvised but loud and enthusiastic samba band, the bloc quickly ran into the newly arrived black bloc and friends, who were marching into town from the Bourdonette camp (the official camp provided by the authorities, only a few 100 metres away from the c'village). The two united, and took to the highway for the half hour walk to the assembly point.

As soon as they arrived the heavens opened and a thunderstorm began, but everyone perservered and started up the steep hills of Lausanne. The black bloc reacted somewhat to a line of riot cops protecting the main shopping district, and it is possible (no info as yet) that there was some small property destruction. However, mostly the demo was a peaceful preparation for the blockades and legal march on Sunday.

On reaching the square the pink-silver contingent reformed (scattered by the thunderstorm!) and took the stairs of the museum, performing for the crowds below. On seeing street theatre performers dressed as the leaders of the G8, they congaed into the crowd and surrounded the evildoers...converting them with the power of samba. Tony Blair dancing was something to see!

The atmosphere in Lausanne is still peaceful, with a huge amount of space for different political groupings to contribute their input. A call has gone out for an 'Aqua' bloc (pacifist NVDA) to join the pink/silver and black blocs on Sunday..the plans are still developing, in sporadic co-ordination with Geneva and Annemasse.


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