Anti-G8 at Evian: May 28-June 3 - the practical program!

Days of resistance to the G8 ...
and your best chance to get Bush's autograph...

The G8 meets from Sunday 1st of June till Tuesday June 3 in Evian, France, on the shore of Lake Leman opposite Switzerland.

This small city and 10 kilometers around it will be a militarized "exclusion zone" (entry only with badges), however most of the some 10,000 people involved (advisors, support, journalists, technicians, translators, etc., plus the ministers of 20 vassal countries will have to be lodged in a radius of 40 kilometers (Geneva, Lausanne and the French mountain resorts of Haute Savoie south of Evian. There is thus the possibility of perturbing the summit by blocking entries and /or exits to the zone.

Most participants will normally enter and exit via ferries between Evian and Lausanne, where two smaller exclusion zones will protect the landing zone of the ferries and two of the larger hotels in the center of Lausanne. Two thousand five star hotel rooms have been reserved in Geneva. These people will normally also cross the lake to Lausanne and continue to Geneva by the Swiss turnpike on the north side of the lake. (The hotels and airport are all on the north side of Geneva - ie the right bank of the river.) However, if the ferry is blocked, they would also have the option of going west along the south side of the lake from Evian to Geneva, or if necessary going east from Evian to the other border with Switzerland at St. Gingolphe and from there going all around the lake with the turnpike. (see maps

Support people will be arriving in the hotels by thursday the 29th. Bush plans to land (but may be wrong!) at Geneva airport at 16H June 1st, where the Swiss president will kiss his... feet, then on (by helicopter) to open the G8 in Evian at around 19H. Particpants will probably be trying to return to their hotels from about 21H on ...

Four anti-G8 coordinations (Lausanne, Geneva, Haute Savoie and Paris) are jointly providing a political umbrella for various events of particular organisaions and groupings:

KEY APPOINTMENT: As early as possible Sunday morning at the Lausanne village and by the lake in Geneva (Parc de la Grange).

Practical infos

Frontiers, control and repression:

Gas masks and helmets are considered arms and an excuse for immediate expulsion.

Frontier controls will be reestablished all around France, plus controls on accesses to the region (railway stations such as Lyon or Valence, turnpike booths, etc.) The Swiss government admits to having "black lists" of people present in previous demos. Frontier controls with Italy will be shifted south of the alpine tunnels (eg Domodossola) to permit mass exclusions...


Convergence: Annemasse airport: Info-point, campings, etc.

Two villages (also beside Annemasse airport): the Village Alternatif Anticapitaliste Antiguerre and the Village InterGalactique . The two villages are open to all. See websites for objectives, principles and organisation. Access: vehicles can park at the airport except for June 1st. There will be an info-point at the Annemasse railway station (about 2 kils. away)


Convergence: l'Usine, Place des Volontaires

Info-points: Info-Bus opposite the railway station; l'Usine; University, UNI-Bastions, Rue de Candolle; Maison des Associations, Rue des Savoises Village ZAAGE ( Stade du Bout du Monde, Carouge

Campings: Stade du Bout du Monde, Carouge - Parc de La Grange - Parc des Bastions, UNI-Bastions


Convergence: Village C'VILLAGE ( et campings: Parc de Vidy

Info-points: Maison du Peuple, Place Chaudron;Tir Groupé, Place du Chateau

In general:

Be prepared to be as autonomous and mobile as possible: camping and cooking material, including some food imagine shopping on Ascension weekend in a besieged provincial city...; as many bicycles, rollers, etc., as possible; bring a small radio, special broadcasts are planned.


Please let us know if you are coming! It is soon and we have no idea on who or how many....!

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