zaragoza call : Desert the Global Empire !!

March 22-23, 2002. Zaragoza. European Meeting of the Ministers of War.

Spanish Presidency of the European Union.

If we make history again, it will take place on the 'Days in March', new days when we will remember that a few capitalists, the military and the hyperarmed police who defend them learnt what it is to tremble, to listen to the power of our bodies armed with disobedience and of our voice aiming at the future. And nobody will be able to conceal anymore that nobody is silent here about barbarism, that Zaragoza doesn't surrender.

Since while the Evil of the capitalist war travels the galaxy something is moving in our small world. European Union strategists, generals and war ministers are preparing for our city their next Defence Meeting, defending exclusively the capitalism and the bloody war business. Meanwhile, however, we are cooking up a special potion of disobedience to the imperial militarism.

The European lackeys serving the NATO, the US world empire, the Spanish presidency of the European Union intend to make us, public opinion, believe that the main aim of this summit is to guarantee the European and world peace, our international security. The truth of it is precisely the opposite: they are conspiring to the continuity of global war. More death, more destruction, more poverty threatens the planet.

Behind the closed doors of the General Military Academy in Zaragoza, hiding from the world they want to violate and possess, they will invent new enemies, project military plans for their hypocritical 'humanitarian' interventions and will talk about how to keep the terrorist war psychosis up in order to unify our thought and prepare us for more wars.. They will study more censorship, the invasion of your privacy, the military occupation of cities if needed, the europersecution of dissent and of immigration, the violation of individual rights, of legal assistance, of public life- A higher domestic militarisation, on the one hand and a greater international bludgeoning on the other. Immense economic profligacy attacking human needs and the safety for the planet. Genuine state terrorism, imperial terrorism.

US and EU transnationals see themselves as the owners of the world, bestowing on themselves the right of free access to all markets and plundering by force all of the raw materials on Earth. And they intend to impose their economic interests on everybody by making Global War to us all. The capitalist exploitation and its armed defence on a global scale are the two sides of the coin of a system with no scruples, based upon the profit of a minority and upon our submission.

The era we are starting is one of military strategy, the globalization of militarism: the liquidation of liberties inside, and the merciless global war outside. It is not sufficient to have the financial and the economic control, thanks to the IMF and the WTO, or the political control, through the UN and the government which obey their rules. They need full control. To bring the sources of oil and the strategic geopolitical areas under direct control. It is absolutely necessary, for the US and the EU, the very centres of world capitalism, to wield wars, since they open political and economic possibilities to them, through punishment laws, the arms' industry, the public 'safety', the prison, the energy, the communications industries,- Just because they cannot dominate the peoples in the world otherwise, they will not keep their action to the territory under NATO rule. They need to project it internationally including Arab and Asiatic countries, Latin America too. They require to exercise the direct control on the spot and through the military, over the production of raw materials in the whole world, because these are absolutely necessary for their insane opulence, for their blind and destructive growth.

We need, then, to bring about, among all the social movements, world action for the demilitarisation and for the abolition of the armies, for a culture of peace which facilitates a radical change to recover the direction of our destinies. The horror of war has to make everybody understand that the net profit dictatorship leads without a doubt to disaster. The world worry caused by the war has to be converted into an action willing to question the systems of oppression and domination which lead to it (capitalism, imperialism, religious fundamentalism, patriarchal system, etc.). And if the government of injustice takes place worldwide, we can also make it worldwide. It is urgently needed that we understand that the globalization of our cooperation and solidarity, of the mutual support means hope for the future and a great chance to change this situation. Our existence and world growth as a movement of movements of resistance to capitalism makes another world possible, and we have the opportunity of watching this new world growing without armies, within our hearts and lives.

We want to break the supposedly prefabricated 'consensus', which has been imposed through the media, over the origins and the solutions to violence, and over the divisions between 'good democrats' and 'fanatical barbarians'. We want to make space for public discussion and for a joint action between antimilitarist and anticapitalist movements and the other struggles against all the other forms of oppression. Just to be able to gather our voices in a universal cry of response to the global war offensive which is about to fall on us.

We propose to open in Zaragoza, for instance, a process of international convergence on the basis of the self-managed emancipation of everybody, of the rejection to capitalism and all the other ways of domination. A process to give us more strength and noticeability, keeping and feeding our sincerity and political coherence. We want to, need to, exchange opinions, information, questions, positions, objectives, actions, alternatives, - to facilitate analyses and global solutions.

The War EU Ministers Meeting in Zaragoza is not one more local or sectoral event, it is the next summit on global war, which is essential to reproduce their power in the capitalist globalization era.

That is why we invite you to take part here or to mobilise in the place you might be, to avoid being quiet over the next 'days in March', over the time it may take. We call on the world for an international and solidarity protest, for creating Popular Power, for the desertion from the Global Empire- so that this meeting, the preparation of the next crimes of capitalism will not go unnoticed.

This is not the struggle of the antimilitarists in Zaragoza, it is the struggle to care for planet Earth and safeguard ourselves, the whole humanity. We will be waiting for you.

March, 18 to 21, 2002: GLOBAL FORUM

March 22 and 23, 2002: GLOBAL ACTION

More information through COA-MOC (Objection and Antimilitarism Group in Zaragoza, local member of the Conscientious Objection Movement in the State of Spain, belonging to War Resisters' International)

P.S. : this is an autonomous antimilitarist calling committed to the local Assembly in Zaragoza which prepares the global protest, awaiting a joint and definite calling.

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