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NBA and Itoiz

From: NBA - 6 Jun 2000

We, the people and activists from the Narmada valley, fighting against the destructive dams on the river Narmada in India, express solidarity with our brethern fighting against the the destructive Itioz dam in the Basque Country. We whole heartedly support for the struggle to save the land, forest and rights of the people in Basque Country. We strongly demand that the people to be affected by any project must have the right to consent or no consent for any project. They must be provided all the information and be given the right to meaningful and decisive participation in the development plan of their area. We also demand that the age old technology and politics of the large dams and displacement-submergence be abandoned in favour of the more contemporary concepts and practices of decentralised water and energy management based on the non-consumerist needs of all, particulalry of the most deprived section of the people.


Considering the fact that the Itoiz dam is:

Our group wants to show solidarity with the long struggle against this macro-project, and especially with the struggle of the Solidari@s con Itoiz, based on non violent public direct action.

We demand:

The immediate halt to the construction of the Itoiz dam, followed by the abandonment of the project; Freedom for the 8 members of the group who carried out the cutting of the cables at the construction site; Full accountablilty and responsibility of the

(Movement To Save Narmada River)

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JUNE 6, 2000

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