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police endanger Iceland dam protestors

frekya | 26.07.2005 18:54 |

Lock-on blockade at Karahnjukar. Icelandic police tell drivers to start machinery risking protestors' lives.

A statement from the protestor at Kárahnjúkar in Iceland, Tuesday 26th of July

A group of 24 protestors entered the Kárahnjúkar dam site and stopped work for five hours early this morning. The protest involved a blockade by several activists who locked onto machinery by their necks.

The protest was peaceful and relations with the workers were friendly until the police arrived at about 3 AM. The police ordered the drivers of the vehicles that people were locked on to, to start their engines. This order created an incredibly dangerous situation as the drivers and the police didn't share a common language.

The police refused to talk to the protestors and started to forcibly remove people from the site.

The protesters pleaded for a dialogue, but were ignored by authorities.

The police allegedly sexually assaulted one woman while another protestor was assaulted by security personal while being held by police. Three people are being held on fabricated assault charges

This type of police behaviour will not stop the protestors from resisting heavy industry in Iceland.

A great responsibility lies with the Icelandic authorities to ensure their law enforcement does not escalate or create situations at the dam that will endanger lives.


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