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Iceland dam works blockaded

Leeds EF! | 19.07.2005 19:22 |

At noon today, a group of about 16 people from across Europe braved mud & drizzle to blockade access roads and lock on to vehicles on the site of the Karahnjukar hydro-electric dam project, bringing work on the site to a standstill.

The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe, but the country’s hydro-electric potential has now been targeted by multinational corporations, like Alcoa, who intend to establish large scale heavy industry in the hitherto pristine hinterlands.

The blockaders are taking action against the ecological destruction caused by the rapacious expansion of industrial society. They are supported by a majority of Icelanders, horrified by the potential loss of the mythic landscape that forms their physical and cultural heritage.

“Why do we allow a handful of politicians to decide the fate and future of our heritage, that will be condemned by generations to come? How come we don’t have the guts and solidarity and wisdom to stop this madness?" said Gudmundur Pall Olafsson, naturalist, author and photographer.

The campaign against the dam has been strengthened by a summer-long international camp, taking place within a few kilometres of the construction site, which is welcoming visitors from all over the world. In June several protestors disrupted the 10th World Aluminium Conference in Reykjavik, 'greenwashing’ delegates from Bechtel & Alcoa in green yoghurt, during a speech entitled 'An Approach to Sustainability For A Greenfield Aluminium Smelter'

Camp phone – 00 354 694 5708, More information from:

Pictures will follow when blockaders get to a town with computers :-)

Leeds EF! .

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