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Plan Puebla Panama

The Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) is a 25-year, multi-billion dollar series of megadevelopment projects sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank. It includes massive agribusiness and biotechnology projects as well as the construction of megahighways, dams and factory zones throughout southern Mexico and Central America.

Organizations in the region have expressed concerns about the devastating effects these projects could have on local communities and the environment. IDEX is working with a coalition of Latin American and US organizations to find ways to dialogue with stakeholders in the plan and make sure that the communities have a voice in determining how their lands and resources are used.

As a start, IDEX has joined an international network of organizations which is working to build a campaign to counter the plan and to promote positive development alternatives. For more information and to join the network, contact

Elements of the Plan Puebla Panama include:

If implemented as planned, the PPP will result in:

Who Supports the Plan Puebla Panama?

Resources and More Information

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Sources: Mexico Solidarity Network, Maquila Solidarity Network, Borderlines, ACERCA, Bank Information Center.

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