Derail the 5th Ministerial of the WTO
Autor(a): Puente a Cancun Fecha: 2:12pm Lunes 09 Junio 2003

Call of the Hemispheric and Global Assembly against the FTAA and the WT0

Mexico City, May 11-12, 2003

We, the participants in this historic Hemispheric and Global Assembly against the Free Trade of the Americas and the World Trade Organization, held in Mexico City on May 11-12, 2003, declare our intention and commitment to derail the Fifth Ministerial of the World Trade Organization that will take place in Cancun in September of this year.

The WTO Ministerial will take place in the context of escalating US military aggression against the peoples and nations of the world. Washington's invasion and occupation of Iraq is simply the latest and most outrageous case of the Bush administration's unrestrained unilateralist foreign policy.

The WTO is war by other means. The WTO represents the most ambitious effort to resubjugate the economies of the countries of the South to serve the interests of transnational corporations. The neoliberal, free-trade paradigm incarnated in the WTO subverts the interests of people both in the South and the North. Its legacy is greater poverty, inequity, gender inequality, and indebtedness throughout the world. It has also accelerated the destruction of the global environment.

Today, the WTO, along with the other mechanisms of corporate control, notably the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, are suffering an historic crisis of credibility and legitimacy. Against the massive misery they offer, global civil society is coming together to forge creative alternatives to bring about a truly just global order. Against a future of war, injustice, and permanent crisis offered by the US, European Union, and the institutions of corporate rule, global civil society offers a future of justice, peace, and solidarity.

But even as the WTO institutionalizes stagnation, injustice, and poverty, Washington is busy attempting to forge more corporate chains to subjugate the South by intimidating the governments of Latin America to sign on to the Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA).

Enough. We say eight years of the WTO is enough. We say the last thing Latin America needs is the FTAA.

We declare, instead, that another world is possible; and inspired by this vision, we call on as many people as possible from throughout the world to come and join us in Cancun in the week-long People's Forum for Alternatives to the WTO on Sept. 9-14, 2003.

We also call on people and movements in all countries to launch massive united and coordinated demonstrations on Sept. 9, the Day of Global Action against the WTO, and on Sept. 13, the Day of Massive Demonstrations against Globalization and War.

United, the vast majority of the peoples of this planet say:


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