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Contra el TLC - Against CAFTA

video of Ragin' Cajun Brian Marks at CAFTA Public Forum
by Leenie Thursday, Jul. 31, 2003 at 3:35 AM download (MOV • 4,8MB • 3:40 min)

7/29/03 The Mayor's office held a public forum at the New Orleans' Port auditorium ( a very hard to find place.) This was meant to be a Q&A session with delegates and the general public. The "general public" was a cross-section of corporate New Orleans, including Entergy, Whitney Bank, Petro-chemical industry executives and wealthy Central American descented New Orleanians. 3 min. 40 seconds Undeterred, Brian Marks eloquently states his opposition to CAFTA in front of the delegates, including Bush's lead US negotiator Ms. Varga. Brian's statement changed the whole tenor of the forum. He ruffled the feathers of more than a few corporate marauders and stole the show!

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