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Date: Wed., 18 March 1998
Subject: PGA - call for global action in Europe


Geneva 27th February 1998

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European participants at the Peoples' Global Action Conference call for decentralised and co-ordinated actions 26th April - 18th May against undemocratic international economic institutions, corporations andgovernments promoting economic globalisation.

Together with people s movements from all continents, we have gathered in Geneva 23rd to 25th February to discuss joint actions against WTO (World Trade Organisation), "free" trade and corporate rule. We feel anger when witnessing the devastating social and environmental effects of globalisation promoted by WTO and other similar institutions like International Monetary Fund, IMF, The World Bank, regional banks like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), regional "free"trade agreements like NAFTA, APEC and EU as well as transnational corporations, TNCs. We have joined with teachers hungerstriking against privatisation of all public education in Argentina, Ogoni and other peoples in Nigeria struggling for their survival against the disastrous impacts of Shell s operation , farmers struggling against globalisation in India, Philippines, Norway, Honduras, France, Spain, Bangladesh, Senegal and other countries, students fighting against the repression of striking workers in Ukraine, Dockers from Liverpool and postal workers from Canada, other trade unionists, environmentalists, anti- racists, women's rights activists, peace mobilisers, animal rights activists and other people from all over the world.

The result was a global call for decentralised actions all around the world against WTO, in connection with the Ministerial Conference at the 50th anniversary of the free trade agreement GATT/WTO. Peoples' Global Action call for protest including non violent civil disobedience and the construction of local alternatives as answers to the action of governments and corporations.

At European level we invite different social sectors to join forces, exchange information and co-ordinate international actions in Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Europe. There is a need of mutual strengthening of struggles for social justice and the environment. We invite your organisation to participate in one or more of the following international actions:

1st May : Broad social mobilisation against Economic and Monetary Union, EMU, and its economic, social and environmental consequences, parallel to the extraordinary EU summitand other EU meetings (1st to 3rd May), where a decision will be taken onthe countries that will join the Euro. Trade unions and movements of unemployed in many countries are already involved in this initiative. Contact address : Movement Against the Europe of Maastricht and Economic Globalisation, Tudescos 4, 3a ext. decha., 28004 Madrid, Spain, tel.: +34- 1-5219346, fax: +34-1-5717108, email: maast<a>nodo50.ix.apc.org

18th May : Global Anti-WTO Day. Parallel to the 2nd MinisterialConference in Geneva (18th-20th May). Mass protest in Geneva, Europe and all around the world (i.e. 500.000people are expected to be mobilised in India). For more information : www.agp.org

You can also participate in the following activities:

26th April : Chernobyl Action Day !

8th to 12th May: Actions at the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstructionand Development) offices all around Europe, during their annual meeting in Kiev / Ukraine and alsoduring the Chernobyl Action Day. The Bank has been primarily occupied inprivatising (shifting control from government to corporate) wholesectors of nations economies. The Bank serves a mechanism that imposesthe Western economic development model in Central and Eastern Europe.The Bank currently pushes for nuclear power development in the interestof Western corporations. Contact address: Za Zemiata - CEE Bankwatch, PO Box975, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria, Tel/fax +359-2-658216, email: ftearth<a>bulnet.bg and also: Rainbow Keepers, PO Box 322, Kiev 252 187, Ukraine, tel:+38044-263- 4954 tel/fax.: +38044-550-60-68, email: nadia<a>gluk.apc.org

2nd to 16th May : A Caravan of bicycles will travel from Frankfurt(Germany) to the WTO Ministerial Conference in Geneva. Theme: Money or Life ? Which side are you on ? The Caravan will inform and mobilisepeople, organise actions and public activities visiting groups on theway. Contact address: WIWA Wendland c/o Abraxas, Marschtorstr. 56, D- 29451Dannenberg, Germany, Tel.: +49-5862-7460 or +49-5842- 247 fax: +49-5861- 2527 , email: wiwawend<a>mail.nadir.org

16th May : Global Street Party. Thousands of people in cities around Europe and other parts of the world will simultaneously be dancing onthe streets transforming privatised enclosed space into Festivals of Resistance against the car and fossil fuel industry, Economic Globalisation and Corporate Rule. Contact address: Reclaim the Streets! PO Box 9656 , London N4 4JY, UK, tel.: +44-171-2814621, email: rts<a>gn.apc.org

12th -16th June: Reclaim Europe! when the EU leaders decide of the peoples' fate inside the exclusion zone. Counter Summit (workshops/ discussions to advance campaigning, international strategy & co-operation), demos, music.... in Cardiff / Wales.
Contact: Reclaim Europe!, 1B Waterlow Rd, London N19 5NJ, Tel.: +44-171-272- 9333, Fax +44-171- 5610800, europ<a>globalnet.co.uk and europ<a>astra.global.net.uk (to both please), Web: www.geocities.com/RainForest/5581/

from: SET (Sustainable Europe Tour) SET<a>OLN.comlink.apc.org
Reclaim Europe!
1 B Waterlow Rd, London N19 5NJ, UK, Tel: +44-171-272 9333, Fax: +44-171-561 0800

Reclaim Europe! is an umbrella organisation for the coordination of environmental, human and animal rights campaigns and events at the Eurosummit/June 98 in Cardiff, Wales

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