March against WTO

Pamplona, Spanish State 16th of May 1998

Sunday 16th of May, at 11:00am in Iruña, 50 people from 25 different institutions gathered to initiate a bicycle march around the most important commercial and economic centers of the town which represent the oppression of the commerce caused by the globalization (banks, temporal work offices, insurance offices, construction companies, etc). Each of the stops during the march was marked by painted messages on the building's main walls, or by banners (with the writings like: "there is nothing to celebrate") sticked to it. The activists also turned on some fireworks, to attract people's attention. The march proceeded peacefully with some of the activists dressed-up who sang consigns against the WTO. The police had an incident with some of the activists and demanded identification. Later on, the police also tried to follow the activists but they were not successful because of the large crowds and the disruption of traffic. In another part of the town, other group of activists, decided to stick flyers in the automatic bank windows with the writing: "This window will be out of service today 16th of May because of the 50th WTO (World Trade Organization) anniversary."

This march touched it's end at the Castillo's Plaza. There, in a public denunciation act in front of about 100 people a symbolic burning of the Ronda Uruguay final act was done.

At 14:30 anti-transgenetic food was offered at the "gaztetxe de Iruña" (Social Center auto-directed). An exchange market was also organized to explain the function of collecting Unions and to inform about their products.

At 19:30 the street party begun at the sound of djembes, fire works and dances which went from the "gaztetxe" through the old town to a main street that was closed to traffic that become a surprise party.

The Eguzki Irratia free radio, followed the activities that were taking place not only in Iruña but also in Geneva and the rest of the world.

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