Solidarity Message from People's Organizations in Sri Lanka

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Received: by mole; 15 May 98 05:26:21

Dear friends in PGA - Action,
We, several People's Organizations fighting against WTO, GATT & "Free Trade" in Sri Lanka, are sending you our greetings of solidarity with the People's Global Action activities taking place in Geneva and throughout the world, these
 As a country that has already suffered tremendously under the Globalization processes, imposed by the powers of international capital, we protest against the massive destruction caused by these processes imposed upon millions of people in our country and throughout the world.
 In Sri Lanka all sectors of working people, the organized trade unions of industrial and plantation workers, women workers in garment factories, peasants in rural areas, government employees, fish workers, women, youth and students, employees in enterprises that are being privatized and others have been constantly protesting and struggling against the detremental effects of the above process, which is seen by many as nothing other than "recolonization".
 The more recent proposals made by the World Bank and accepted by the present and government envisages displacement of millions of small farmers, fish workers, plantation and industrial workers from their livelihoods.  Proposed changes in labour protection laws (in the name of creating a free labour market) would remove the remaining security of employement of millions of workers. Further reductions in government services and social expenses to provide infra-structure developments, hoping to attract more foreign capital would make the lives of the poor even more missarable.  Acceptance of GATT, WTO, SAPTA & Intellectual Property Rights Agreements readily by the government would lead to further destruction of domestic agriculture, natural resources, food security and the right of communities to their cultural heritage.
 Therefore, we the people victimize by Globalization in Sri Lanka are greatly strengthened and encouraged by the emerging People's Global Action against this process of enslavement and destruction.
 We have already published some of the information on the activities taking place in various countries to oppose the moves taken by the WTO. We will soon be circulating the Draft Manifesto of the People's Global Action, translated into local languages, for study and discussion by the active groups in Sri Lanka. We are sorry for not being able to do more, until now in terms of extensive collaborated action so far, though there has been diverse
activities on various related issues.
 We will convene organizations that are active to discuss our joint commitment to the PGA Manifesto and possible collaborated action.  We share in your confidence that these recolonization attempts would be defeated and the survival of millions of people endangered by it, both in developing as well as in develop countries would be assured. We shall keep you informed of further developments here. We will be greatful to receive your information continuously.
We wish you faith, strength and success!

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