Press-service of the "Rainbow Keepers" environmental movement, "Ecozahyst" and "Tigra Nigra" groups

 Press release, 8-9 May 1998 Ukrainian Security Services and militia are guarding EBRD from public

In 9-th of May, at 12:45 in Kiev in front of the Ukrainian House, where the EBRD summit is taking place 5 activists of "Rainbow Keepers" environmental movement, "Ecozakhyst" and "Tigra Nigra" groups, Social - Ecologycal Union were arrested unmotivately. They tried to inform the summit participants about the problems, caused by the EBRD policy in Ukraine, particularly by EBRD project to finance new nuclear reactors (R2/K4) completion in Rivne and Khmelnitsky NPPs.
The court sentenced them to several days of arrest, that had already being promised by Ukrainian securities as "localization" for the time of the EBRD meeting. The EBRD participants, in full view of whom that happen, should get deep in thought about what the ways do their calm provide with, and is there a possibility to provide a public participation process. And how they would behave towards you if you expressed your opinion not having your EBRD participant's badge.
 * * *
The persecution of NGO's has been started on the even of EBRD summit. From 5 to 9 of May the activists were forced be interviewed by Ukrainian Security Service (USS - former Ukrainian KGB) for several times. The security officials interested about actions which had been planed for the time of the EBRD summit. Some of the activists were threatened with arrest for the time of the summit in case if they will try to organize the action.
 They where also threatened with discrediting them through rumors about them cooperating with the Security Service, getting them expelled from the University and by physical violence. There were even proposals for a job for USS. These days the activists were checked at their flats, on the streets, they were shadowed, and their telephones were monitored. Shortly before the summit the computer was stolen from activist's flat.
 These events show that traditions of totalitarian regime are still alive in Ukraine. In such circumstances, the activists of the "Rainbow Keepers" and "Tigra Nigra" were left with no other choice but to make these stories known.

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