minutes from the beograd meeting about the global process

1st conference:

problems finding grassroots organizing. they argued that the only way to work was to work with the government. the point of pga was having a space for people who didn't want to work in that way.

3rd conference September 16th: african leaders arrested, only that were able to come were South African.

South African: good grassroot organizing (soweto, etc.).

* Good contacts in africa needed.

brother, contact with NGO in Mali.

1st conference, African convenor were actually Nigerian.(Mosop).

Groups working in terms of africa...
how far does africa go into the arab world?

problem: 11 month to get a network started in africa
solution: international working group in africa.

- there is a african convenor in south africa,
problem: if we are going to set up an international group, it might be seen offensive/colonial.

- work from links we have (diaspora and african) to get dialogue going.


1) contact south african convenors: and ask how they want to lead the process? can europe help?

e.g. Send out a call to global lists for other contacts in africa

-Be ready to replace money that was lost in last conference.

- Project from Porto Alegre: meeting at the WSF in "Latin America"

Proposal: Explore any other network that you can have with any other part of the world.

Counter-proposal: becomes eurocentric.

PROPOSAL: create a list of convenors, make it freely available on the web, and when you meet new people, pass this list on to see if they want to join PGA.

PROPOSAL: Support speakers tour of grassroots organizations from the Middel East. to europe


- PROPOSAL: Read the organizational principles and think about how they can be made to work better before the European preparation meeting for the World gathering.

Global communication tools:


- Working groups for Nepal address the issue of a global communication tools. Deep discussion needed.

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