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The International 'McGo-slow As Fuck', December 21 2002

Glasgow McDonalds Workers Resistance
December 2002


Glasgow MWR has proposed a day of working slowly on December 21st in support of the popular rebellion in Argentina. It's really amazing what's happenning over there and it hardly gets any coverage at all. So we think it's an important thing to do, as encouragement for the Argentinean people in struggle and to inspire ourselves and other McWorkers. We also think it's really important we do some thing for the anti-McDonalds political prisoners in Mexico. OK, they're not McD's workers, but you can't help feeling that there struggle is also ours.

So, we proudly give you the International McGo-SLow As Fuck!
December 21st 2002

Happening at your restaurant! (hopefully)

Stickers and leaflets available (to McDonalds Workers only unfortunately because of limited resources) very soon. Start spreading the idea around your store.

For more information, see: http://www.geocities.com/globaldayofaction/d21.html

GMWR, Dec 2002.


A call to action addressed to all McDonalds workers from McDonalds Workers Resistance


In solidarity with the anti-McDonalds prisoners in Mexico and with the popular rebellion in Argentina

WE STAND BETWEEN TWO WORLDS- one we do not recognise and one which today exists only in our hearts. In Mexico, the world of capital and oppression has imprisoned young protesters who dared to challenge the McDonalds empire, but in Argentina we see glimpses of a new world, if we look very closely we can see the future. Utopia is on the horizon: when we take two steps, it takes two steps back. We run towards it and it moves further away. Strangely, the slower we go, the closer we get. So let's go...




On the 16th of October 94 demonstrators were arrested at an anti-McDonalds protest in Mexico City. They were detained under the accusation of damaging federal property (a shade umbrella and a window pane) and carrying explosives (fireworks). They were initially denied their rights to make a phone call or use the toilets. Many of those arrested remain in urgent need of solidarity and support. They are being held under extravagant bonds and are facing very serious charges.

There is a bank account where money can be sent to support the prisoners:
Name of bank: BBV Ban comer
Account number: 1299949054
Recipient: Martha Cecilia Garcia Juarez

ARGENTINA: One of the nicest compliments we've ever received came from someone involved in an Argentinean neighbourhood assembly who wrote to us and said he saw many similarities between our projects. Since Argentina tumbled into uncharted economic crisis, an inspiring popular rebellion has been spreading across the country. An ongoing movement has developed and become a living laboratory of struggle, a space where the future is being reinvented.

The rebellion exploded on December 20th 2001 when over a million people took to the streets banging their pots and pans and ousting the government. But the unprecedented array of movements that has emerged challenges more than just one set of politicians. The Piquertos (the militant movement of unemployed workers), the neighbourhood assemblies, the workplace councils, and those who lost their savings as the economy went belly up, have combined to form a socially explosive crisis. Ordinary workers now run whole workplaces on their terms, while the Piquertos continue to blockade roads, the savers continue to break banks and the neighbourhood assemblies run their communities democratically.


The 21st of December, the last Saturday before Christmas, will be one of McDonalds busiest days of the year, and we will be on a 'go slow' (deliberately working slow as fuck). We choose to make our action on this day so it will coincide with the internationally observed two days of social disobedience in solidarity with the Argentinean popular rebellion. We want to help show the Argentinean people that they are not alone, that there are people everywhere struggling for a better world just as they are. And we want to focus attention on the Argentinean situation to remind ourselves and other McDonalds workers how quickly things can change, how precarious even the most powerful empires can be. On this day we also want to show solidarity with the prisoners in Mexico who were arrested on October 16th. The plight of our friends in Mexico shows how clearly the lines can be drawn- between how we would choose to live and the lives dictated to us by the profit principle, between the governments and real democracy, between the world of capital and oppression and the world that grows in our hearts. The Argentinean people are no longer clearly on one side of the line- are we?

When we resist, co-operate, and try to organise our own lives, we become stronger and are no longer at the mercy of the profit system, we start to straddle the boundaries between two futures. When enough of us organise and co-operate we will stand at the gateway to a world based on the needs of people, not profit.


On October 16th 2002 MWR inspired the first ever international mobilisation by the McDonalds workforce, there was a mass of struggle from Aberdeen to Adelaide from Milan to Malmoe. The day was enormous, with strikes, sabotage and walkouts around the world (see http://www.geocities.com/globaldayofaction ). For December 21st we're proposing something less spectacular. October 16th took a big toll, lots of us gambled with our jobs and not everyone got away with it. The McGo-slow as fuck shouldn't be so risky. It's dead simple; we all just work slow as fuck, as slow as a constipated man who has dumped down with a good book, as slow as an Australian soap opera. Nobody hustles or does anything quickly, it doesn't matter how long the queue gets- go slow as fuck! We call on all McDonalds workers to participate and to help make sure their workmates go slow as well. We are working on leaflets and stickers to help publicise the action in McDonalds restaurants, please contact us ASAP and we can send them to you along with information about the Argentinean rebellion- it will inspire anyone with an imagination. The McGo-slow as fuck is the perfect insubordinate activity- it's less effort than a usual shift! It's a fucking skive!


MWR: mwr.org.uk infomwr.org.uk http://www.geocities.com/globaldayofaction
+44 (0)7732 531 196
MWR, PO Box 3828, Glasgow, G411YU

For more information on Argentina:

For more on the international days of solidarity:

Supprt the firefighters! A living wage for EVERYONE!

MWR, PO Box 3828, Glasgow, G41 1YU

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