Intercontinental Conference of Peoples' Global Action
5-12 October 2005
Haridwar, Uttaranchal, North India
calender for the conference
PGA conference booklet
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2nd October: Action in Mumbai. Travel to Haridwar with Indian movements.

4th October: Arrival of the participants to Haridwar.

5th - 6th October: Gender training workshops, including masculinity.

7th 8th October: Information Exchange: workshops proposed by the participant organizations, such as on the struggle against sexism and other forms of oppression, militarism, privatisation, trade and gender, etc.

9th 10th October: Campaigns and plan of actions. Building alternatives. These two days proposals of the organization of initiatives and action strategies at the global level: exchanges, inter-regional solidarity, sustained campaigns, etc, as well as coordination of actions against the Hong-Kong WTO conference and other future Global Days of Action against Capitalism will be discussed and concretised.

11th - 12th October: PGA global process: convenors committee, manifesto, organisational principles, next conferences, etc.

13th October: Visit to Nepalese grassroots movements. If it is not possible to visit Nepal, solidarity action at the border and visits to Indian movements.