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main ideas (for the changes made at the conference in Cochabamba):

  • That we would emphasize on autonomy and decentralization in each region. Therefore, each region will decide how they want to organize between the participating movements and organisations (one main convenor, different co-convenors, collective participants, etc.). Nevertheless, we agreed that it is necessary to have one point of contact and coordination for every region, known to all the participating movements and organisations;
  • All proposals for actions, themes and issues discussed at the international conference will come from the regional conferences. We will have international conferences when necessary;
  • There will be an equal participation of men and women in the international and regional conferences. The gender issue will be discussed at all of the PGA conferences, both at the international and regional levels;
  • We will reinforce exchanges and debates at the regional level through caravans, exchange of people, products and experiences to initiate discussions at the local level and share the result of these debates on the global network;
  • Reinforce technical support at the regional level by augmenting the number of people involved and giving them clear mandates and functions;
  • Add an appendix to the organisational principles to clarify the first steps of each international conference;
  • Add the struggles of the indigenous people to principle 1.3 (wording accepted by the plenary);
  • Change principle 7 on information (wording accepted by the plenary).

Organisational Principles

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