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2nd Encounter

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The Seven Loose Pieces of the Global Jigsaw Puzzle
by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

On the struggle of the Zapatista women
by the EZLN

Neoliberism in Europe
by Claudio Molteni, Laura Disilvestro, Marina Merlini, Franco Roman [Italy]

The politics of denial and refusal in the working class of the Australian state
by Bruce Lindsay, Australia

Resistance to Neoliberalism: A View from South Africa
by South African comrades for the encounter

How can we a make a network of local struggles?
from Red-Red Switzerland

Provoking meetings using networks, building networks through meetings
Claudio Albertani, Paolo Ranieri June, 1997

And with the Indians, what now
by Guillermo Michel Grupo Rosario Castellanos Mexico

UK Flexploitation and Resistance Beyond Waged Labour
by fHUMAN London Committee

Toward the New Commons: Working Class Strategies and the Zapatistas
by Monty Neill, with George Caffentzis and Johnny Machete, of the Midnight Notes Collective

Net- which Net?
by Group 2828

Reclaiming our lives
by Paul Gravett of London Greenpeace

Maastricht and neoliberalism
by Koordinadora de Kollectius del Park Alcosa

Andalusian nationalism in solidarity against neoliberalism
by Miguel Moya Guirado y Mariano Junco Gonzalez, Nacion Andaluza activists.

From "S.O.S. -tainability" to self-management

Genetic manipulation and transgenic food
by Albert de Germinal, Consumption of Eco-Biological Products Cooperative

Independance and the raising of standards of living in the '3rd World'

Closing words of the EZLN to the 2nd Encounter

We want to thank you for the great effort of hope and harmony in our hearts

Our struggle - which is also yours, men and women of the world - is going to triumph

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