Global Action for Peace with Justice - July 2006


Izbat Tabib, Palestine – 15/7/2006
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Global Action for Peace with Justice - July 2006

civil disobedience in izbat tabib, tabib-kalkiliya region

Izbet Tabib is a small village of 300 inhabitants near Qalqiliya. It was established in 1920 and in 1948 it received an influx of refugees from Tubsur, which stood where Israeli Raanana town is now. It is not recognized at all by the Israeli government which has issued demolition orders for most of the buildings in the village. This small village has been assaulted by the Israeli lately, the main exit from the village was blocked by an earth mound preventing cars from passing it.

The villagers contacted the Israeli Anarchist Against The Wall initiative, and an action was decided on - joined by the others of the coalition against the fence. We carried it out to day. About 40 Israelis, 20 internationals and many of the village people assembled in the center of the village. After a long meeting and speeches, we marched to the near by blocked road and started to dismantle the block. After hours of efforts two cars passed it.

During the meeting, the march and the dismantling the road block stone thrower youth showered the Israeli forces with stones. Some of the cases the armored cars just passed by disregarding the stones, Some of the cases the state forces responded with shock grenades and firing in the air with their guns.

After the two cars succeeded to cross the partly dismantled road block we returned to the village - where we were hosted again for a while waiting to see if the army will harass the village as punishment for the direct action. After about a quite hour the internationals and the Israelis left the village - leaving behind a small group of volunteers for the night.

On the way home we were informed that an army bulldozer blocked again the road we had opened. Few hours later, the Israeli forces blocked even the passage of villagers by foot.