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Activist Jaggi Singh Kidnapped in Quebec City
by Erika Fuchs 9:52pm Fri Apr 20 '01
Activist Jaggi Singh was kidnapped today April 20, at 5 pm supposedly by the police, while in the streets of Quebec City.

Source: Indymedia DC

Today, April 20, 2001, I witnessed the kidnapping of Jaggi Singh, one of the CLAC organizers at the Quebec City protesters, as well as of APEC fame. He was also kidnapped at the APEC protests in Vancouver, something that is well covered and of which there is footage (the CBC filmed it).

It was 5 pm at the corner of Rue Sainte-Claire and Rue St-Jean in Quebec City, Canada during the protests that occurred today against the Summit of the Americas for the FTAA. What I saw was Jaggi being dragged by 2 or 3 men, in civilian clothing. I heard him yell out to bring attention to what was happening. If I hadn't heard him yell, I would hardly have noticed what was happening, although I was at all times between 3-5 metres away from the scene where this was happening.

It all happened so fast. I was startled. The men pulled him towards a van during which time some people did gather around to try to pull him back, but one of the men said that they were police and to back off. He held in his hand a long black object, which to me appeared to be a club. They then pulled Jaggi into a vehicle (which I understand was a gold-coloured SUV, I did not register that myself), and drove off.

What I know is that he is in prison and he has been in contact with people and will apparently be releasing a declaration or statement.

What I want to make very clear is that he was not at that time involved in any action, and from the most that I can gather he was just walking along, and the kidnapping was intended to go fairly unnoticed. They would almost have succeeded had it not been for Jaggi yelling out loudly and clearly to attract attention.